Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Above: Gatekeeper

It was a disappointing day today, for many reasons, ( which I wont go into !) and I lost my focus for a while this afternoon. To compound affairs, a large black cloud came over and produced some light rain for about 40mins, much of it just evaporated as it hit the bone dry ground. During that time I was stood under a large Oak tree over at the lakeside scrub area, more to keep the rain of my Camera and optics than off me, it actually felt quite refreshing when the cool rain drops slapped on my balding head :-)

Bird and butterflies were hard to come by, just one or two Purple Hairstreaks were seen, they kept high in the Oak canopy today, and a few Gatekeepers were roaming the low vegetation.

The most noteworthy birds today were: a lone TURTLE DOVE that was again heard singing from the north end scrub at Migrant Alley as I walked to work. A SPARROWHAWK went over the lakeside Scrub as I was sheltering from the rain, and a family of BLACKCAPS were busy feeding, with a few GREAT TITS.

Thats about my lot today - hopefully tomorrow the 'big black cloud' will have gone :-)


Jann E. said...

I was ducking rain today too, from just a mist to a light rain that luckily passed before long, but the sky was dark most of my drive around the Hills. Did get one shot that made it worthwhile...more rain tonight and thunder and lightning...a very stormy summer here so far. Better luck to us both next time!

Dean said...

"hopefully tomorrow the 'big black cloud' will have gone :-)"

Is that a metaphorical cloud Warren or one of the rain bearing types. If it`s the latter, then it`s headed my way.

ShySongbird said...

Nice Gatekeeper, Warren!

I hope that cloud has lifted and that it is a better day for you today...