Sunday, 11 July 2010

I was a little later getting out this morning after a hot and humid night meant little sleep was had. Leaving at 06:15hrs, it was already warm and sunny with clear blue skies, but halfway through my walk I suddenly felt quite unwell, stomach cramps, aching limbs and dizziness!! I think I had become dehydrated, or had too much of the sun yesterday. ( I must say at this point greenie, no alcohol was enjoyed the previous night).

I had to cut short my walk, and spent the rest of the day indoors, drinking plenty of water - what a waste of a sunday! At least the short time I was out provided me with 3 species not seen yesterday, KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK and a flyover of 3 CORMORANT, bringing the weekend total to 53, not bad considering the the months total so far is 54, the Sand Martin being the only species not seen this weekend.

This afternoon I felt a bit better, but my legs felt like they were filled with treacle instead of blood, and lead waits had been strapped to each one. So I did some skywatching from the front bedroom window, which overlooks the Greenhouse Complex and Migrant Alley. A few Gulls went over, BLACK HEADED and HERRING, but also a HOBBY (55) the first this month, so it wasn't a wasted effort.

I managed a couple of photos this morning, below is a SWALLOW.

and next the 3 flyover Cormorants

Back to the garden feeders, which were mostly occupied by finch's. One of which was this GOLDFINCH


The hollyhocks in my garden are looking spectacular, and one flower was being enjoyed by this bee, absolutely covered in pollen!


Derek Faulkner said...


Sorry to read that you've not been feeling well but I knew there was something wrong with you yesterday when you said it was a belting summers day! - or it could be the absence of alcohol.

Monika said...

Keep drinking that water! I've made the dehydration mistake myself - easy to do in this heat!

Sharon said...

Very nice photos Warren - especially as you weren't well! Love the pollen covered bee.
Hope you're better soon.

Chris said...

Beautiful pictures and well done on the hobby Warren. Looks like the two next days over here will be with a bit of sun finally!

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren....a Hobby from your bedroom window....shuks, twill never happen to me, apart from the fact I live in urban Lancaster a Hobby with many a mile would be a lucky day for me/us up here.

Get well soon Warren.

Pete Woodruff said...

Should say 'a Hobby within many a mile'.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Sorry to read that you have been unwell today. It is better to take it easy at home rather than risk being out in the sun wandering about.As you know, your health comes first.
Nice photo's, by the way. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you`re feeling better, Warren.
Plenty of rain & cooler weather on the cards for this week, so you should be fighting fit soon.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Great Hollyhocks .
Like the multi attendance at the feeder shot .

ShySongbird said...

Very sorry to hear you're not too well, Warren. Make sure you keep drinking that water rather than tea and coffee which are both dehydrating. If you find water unpalatable or boring add just a very little pure fruit juice, it's very refreshing! Right! lecture over :) but we can't have our Warren getting ill!

Glad your months total is growing and to see a Hobby from the bedroom window shows what a great place you live in! The only hobbies I see from my windows are lawn mowing, car cleaning and destructive garden DIY :(

Lovely photo of the Swallow!

I hope you are feeling much better by now and am sending a hug.

Jann said...

I hope you're better today and that it was just a bit of dehydration. Lovely photos of the swallow and the cormorants, both hard to snap...I tried to get cormorant shots while on the (US) W coast but they came our poorly. Swallows are very tricky, hardly ever sitting still. I love that you posted your hollyhocks as well. :o)