Saturday, 24 July 2010

I only had just under 4 hours to get round my patch this morning, so it was a bit rushed. Even so, I don't think I missed much, I was really scratching around to find the birds. A total of 46 species was an average tally for late July, but the numbers of birds seen was very low, of those 46 species I did record, a third were heard only.

Some regular species were missing from todays list, Sparrowhawk and Pheasant were two, but also the Mistle Thrush, only 1 of which has been seen all month. The best of what I did see/hear were: 1 YELLOWHAMMER, 1 TURTLE DOVE, 1 SKYLARK, 1 KESTREL, all at Migrant Alley. WHITETHROATS in the grounds of the Greenhouse Complex, and in the Tree Nursery, plus a couple of BLACKCAP in the Lakeside Scrub. On the main lake there were 18 CANADA GEESE and a single GREYLAG GOOSE with 3 MALLARD and a few Juv. MOORHENS.

With only 7 days left in July, it doesn't look like any records will be set this month, the 58 bird species recorded so far this month is the joint lowest July tally with that of 2004.

Species like Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, Peregrine, or Little Owl, are still a possibility to join the list, maybe Mandarin Duck or Tawny Owl, with the outside chance of coming across a migrant Chat or Wheatear over at Migrant Alley, so there is still some hope :-)

There weren't many butterflies about early on, but the ones that were seen I phtographed, below is a Speckled Wood

My recent visits wouldn't be the same without a Purple Hairstreak Photo :-)

..........or two..........

As I was waiting for an engineer to call, I had some time to kill, so took these photo's from my garden

Above: Juv. Blackbird. Below the Male BULLFINCH, the female also came in with him. They are both looking vert tatty now :-)

Below more Greenfinchwith a Juv. Goldfinch

Lastly, you may remember me posting a photo of the one eyed Hedgehog, well last night he was back - with a friend. They were tucking into chicken and sunflower hearts. I'm amazed that they have survived the nightly crossing of Ashes Lane, twice i've seen a car pass right over 'old one eye'


Anthony Miners said...

A very nice selection of varied wildlife images still jealous of the Bullfinch.

Pete Woodruff said...

Sounded a bit like me on a Monday Warren with just 4 hours to get round the patch....great stuff!

Bit worried about old 'one eye' and his/her crossing Ashes Lane, I often get the feeling some motorists run over the poor buggers for the fun of it....SAD.

Bob Bushell said...

They are great pictures Warren. The Bullfinches are badly turned out, I think its a bit of nursing.

Wilma said...

You are still having lots of action at your bird feeders.

Dean said...

The light on the first PH photo is fantastic Warren. Great stuff.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You're doing a lot better than me with the PHs this year .
Still no Ringlet ?

gypsyrose said...

I am learning so much from reading your blog and seeing your lovely photos,I especially love your butterfly photos, either we don't have many this way or I just don't know where to find them. thanks Warren.

ShySongbird said...

A great selection again Warren, I wonder how long it took the juvenile Goldy to work out that there is no point in looking into a porthole where there is no seed :) Glad old one eye is still ok.

You excelled yourself on the last post! A wonderful set of photos and many congrats on the Essex Skipper! I also thought the flight photo was brilliant :)