Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A slight change in the weather today, it was cooler with a fresh breeze, no good for Butterflies this afternoon just a few Meadow Browns, Skippers and a couple of Small Tortoiseshells were on the wing.

I decided to go over to my Skywatching seat on the higher ground over at Migrant Alley, to see if anything interesting would fly over. On the way, a pair of BULLFINCH'S called from the hedgerow along Ashes lane.

Taking my seat I could see 30+ SWALLOWS and a couple of HOUSE MARTINS over the Paddocks and sheep pasture, higher up 15-20 SWIFTS were circling around. A SONG THRUSH was singing from one of the nearby gardens, but the song of the WHITETHROAT has completely stopped now, I only heard the 'churr' call from the Tall Hedge behind my seat, where a ROBIN and DUNNOCK were also seen.

ROOK, CARRION CROW and JACKDAW fed out on the sheep pasture, two SKYLARKS got up and sang, while a GREENFINCH gave its wheezing call from somwhere in the Greenhouse Complex Grounds. Flyovers included 7 HERRING GULLS in groups of 2, 2, and 3, a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and two BLACK HEADED GULLS. A few COLLARED DOVES and LINNETS flew to and fro. The only RAPTORS seen were the KESTREL and the SPARROWHAWK, however the PEREGRINE was sighted just south of my patch - I could have done with that one for the months list. Lastly, I did get an addition to the months list, a CORMORANT ( 51) circled over and went back NE from where it came from.

No photo's were taken today, as I mostly just sat and watched the sky :-) .

For those interested, I have added a Pittswood species list at the top of the right hand side bar. 127 species far...........


Mike said...

Shame about no pics, but the ones in the previous post where spot on.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

That scoreboard just keeps tickinover nicely for you...a few to get yet though but still loads of time



Chris said...

51 already not bad at all Warren... Good luck for this new month!

Anonymous said...

I struggle for Cormorants during this month, Warren. Maybe one will go against the grain.

ShySongbird said...

Congrats on the Cormorant, Warren!

Your patch always sounds a lovely place to be, sometimes it is nice to just sit and absorb the sights and sounds and what could be better than to be accompanied by the sound of a Song Thrush :)

Photos or not I always enjoy my visits here.