Saturday, 27 November 2010

Above: Frosty Tree Nursery.

This morning it was a joy to be out, a classic frosty winter's day, in which I spent 3 and a half hours out on my patch, collecting 44 species of birds.

The very first bird in the note book was a flyover LESSER REDPOLL, its harsh double call easily pierced the freezing thin air, I dont think they have ever taken poll position on the note book before :-)

It was reasonably quiet first thing around the Greenhouse Grounds, Migrant Alley and the College Grounds, with just 22 species being found, most of those common residents, but seen along with them were the odd REDWING, SISKIN, and FIELDFARE, three BULLFINCH'S were a nice sight in the College Gardens. The pub field had 8 LAPWING on it today, but only stayed until the first dog walker flushed them up, the last they needed in these conditions :-( The Tree Nursery had 18 PHEASANTS feeding on the old seed heads found in the rougher areas, as well as a pair of GOLDCREST, few DUNNOCK and 5 MEADOW PIPITS. Walking homewards along Ashes lane, I saw both Siskin and BRAMBLING on the same branch of an Elder in the Greenhouse Grounds.

After a quick snack I walked the Small Holding, Wet Woods and Lake area and back out through the Tree Nursery again. A LITTLE OWL was sitting on a fence in the Small Holding, and some of the usual woodland species were active in the Wet woods, including TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER and another pair of Goldcrest. The footpath leading out of the woods to the lake area had a small flock of LONG TAILED TITS, with them was a COAL TIT that was singing loudly. The lakes were all frozen over, as expected, and all that was there was a MOORHEN, although three MALLARDS dropped in as I walked the scrub area. The last birds on the list were found in the Tree Nursery as I neared the end of my walk, a flock of GOLDFINCH flew in, a GREEN WOODPECKER bounded away through the shrubs and a KESTREL flew over to the Greenhouse Grounds, also flying over were 38 GREYLAG GEESE.

Nothing new for the month or year list, but a nice day to be out none the less. Another frosty one tomorrow!

Above and below the Little Owl


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

We're rooting for your to get summat new tomorrow Warren



Pete Woodruff said...

A man after my own heart Warren....'a joy to be out, in which I spent 3.5 hours out on my patch'....magic!

And I'm the first to comment on you post again!

Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh....not the first at all, but look at the times, Dave clicked a millionth of a second sooner.

Jason K said...

Have you had many Siskin through/ in at your patch yet this winter Warren?

Ive not had any as yet at mine :-(

Warren Baker said...

cheers Dave,
Might just get a Golden plover for the year.

Very nearly Mate :-)

Warren Baker said...

There are more small parties of Siskin on my patch than most years, but not any large (50+) flocks yet.

Anthony Miners said...

Nice images of the Little Owl I admire your daily commitment in this weather.

Derek Faulkner said...

I take it from your comments that you actually like this ghastly weather.

Bob Bushell said...

Nice Little Owl Warren, better to get a picture in a dark dismal day.

ShySongbird said...

That was an awful pun at the beginning Warren ;)

It sounds like you really enjoyed your patch today and you certainly got a good list of birds!

We had a dusting of snow during the night and it didn't get above -1C all day!

Great photos of the Owl :)

Warren Baker said...

Sorry about the pun Sobgbird :-) Its meant to get colder and snowier this week - but then it was meant to be a snowy weekend ;-)

Anonymous said...

You did better for passerines than i did, Warren.
Still crossing fingers for that something new for you.