Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I started to feel a bit better this morning, and after a leisurely 'Greenie' style breakfast I went out for 45 mins, more to get some fresh air than anything, - I havn't been out since sat. morning!

Whilst having breakfast I looked over the garden, and I once again had brief but good views of the FIRECREST, as well as at least 14 BLUE TITS, 5 GREAT TITS, 8 CHAFFINCH'S, 6 GREENFINCH'S, 11 GOLDFINCH'S, and 15 COLLARED DOVES. Three ROBINS chased around, and 2 DUNNOCKS kept low under the vegetation. A single BLACKBIRD came in and fed on one of the apples I had spiked to the elder tree, but HOUSE SPARROWS and STARLINGS were thin on the ground, with just 2 of each.

The 45 mins I spent out on my patch during mid morning wasn't a serious birding attempt, as I said I just wanted some fresh air. I visited the lakes which had nothing unusual to report, 8 MALLARDS on the main lake and 6 MOORHEN spread between the smaller lakes. I walked back through the Tree Nursery where I flushed up 6 MEADOW PIPITS and two PHEASANTS, while overhead two flocks of 12 HERRING GULL went over.

Back home I spent the day watching the feeders on and off, and added NUTHATCH x2 , COAL TIT , JACKDAW x3 , WOODPIGEON x2 , MAGPIE x2 , JAY , GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER x2 , and of course the SPARROWHAWK, which made many fruitless attempts to make a kill. Later on towards dusk, I was scanning the leylandi type tree where I last saw the Firecrest, I thought i'd found it again but it was just a GOLDCREST :-) Goldcrest and Firecrest both in the garden on the same day - brilliant :-)

A scan of the fields to the front of my house as it grew dark revealed a KESTREL, and then 16 LINNETS wheeling around, no doubt getting ready to drop down into the Tree Nursery roost site.

Should be well enough for work tomorrow :-( then an afternoon patch walk.

Above, a now scarce garden visitor in any numbers, Starling

Below: The Sparrowhawk


Pete Woodruff said...

Well, the first to comment and thats a novelty considering your lengthy list of followers.

Firecrest in the garden....WOW!!

Good to hear you're feeling better and up for work tomorrow Warren.

ShySongbird said...

I'm so glad you felt well enough to get out and about today Warren :)

A Firecrest and a Goldcrest in the garden AND on the same day is brilliant. I thought I spotted a Goldcrest in my garden recently but it was gone before I could be sure.

The only bird I have seen on one of my speared apples was a Blue Tit today! I thought that was extremely unusual, I have never seen them eat fruit before and wondered if you have? It must have liked it because it went back several times.

Warren Baker said...

Hello songbird,
I do see Blue Tits on the apples quite frequently, but they prefer the sunflower hearts :-)

Warren Baker said...

I'm happy to feel better, but not to get back to work !

Derek Faulkner said...

Such a garden bird list, almost worth being ill for. I hope you realise how lucky you are - so much better than sitting in my place watching sparrows and Collared Doves.

Marc Heath said...

I'm gonna have to start calling you 'sicknote'. The things people do for birds!!!

Jason K said...

Glad you are starting to feel a bit better mate. Im hoping to get round my patch for a while tomorrow. I dont suppose you can send that Firecrest up my neck of the woods!

Sharon said...

Warren, I'm glad you're feeling better even if it means you have to get back to work :(
Wow - a Goldcrest and a Firecrest the same day? We have a Goldcrest that visits the hedge every day but never a Firecrest! I'll send some of our Starlings and Sparrows your way if you like :)

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else has said, Warren, good to hear you`re feeling better. Not to mention the Firecrest, again. You lucky sod.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Wow well done on the sparrowhawk!!! I hope you will get some more migrants in your patch. Sorry, but I found the waxwings again, looks like I did not really sent them to you ;-)