Sunday, 7 November 2010

Great Spotted Woodpecker at garden feeder

Thanks to all, for the many comments made on my blog, I always enjoy reading them, keep them coming !

Well this mornings full patch walk was always going to be less exciting than yesterdays, no patch ticks this morning :-) I did expect maybe one new species for the months list though, as Lesser Black Backed Gull, Greylag Goose and Little Owl have yet to be recorded, but i'm confident they will be seen at some point this month.

There were still some good birds about on my patch this morning, both SISKIN and REDPOLL were heard flying over the Tree Nursery, where I also saw a YELLOWHAMMER fly low over, more interesting was the the small flock of 20 LAPWING that flew across Migrant Alley, heading south, this flock however was dwarfed by the thousands of WOODPIGEON that were going over high, large formations were seen headed south west for the whole of the 4 hours I was out.

Of the winter thrushes just 2 FIELDFARE were recorded, but raptors were represented a little better, with two SPARROWHAWKS, a KESTREL and a COMMON BUZZARD all out hunting.

Over at the lakes, it had all gone quiet, probably as a result of the many nearby firework parties that were had overnight, just 4 MALLARD and 7 MOORHEN remained, but whilst I was recording the likes of MARSH TIT, COAL TIT, LONG TAILED TIT, GOLDCREST, and NUTHATCH, 2 CORMORANTS dropped in and started to fish.

Not a bad count of 45 species seen today, however tomorrow may well be a write off looking at the weather forecast, a storm is about to hit us, hopefully it will pass while i'm at work, and allow an afternoon visit :-)


Mike said...

Nice GSW shot Warren, I havent had one these visit for a long time now.

Marc Heath said...

I'm still holding out on your Waxwings Warren, still loads in the country.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photo of the GSW Warren. It sounded like a good day even if not as eventful as yesterday.

As I type they are STILL letting off pet and wildlife scarers :(

Anthony Miners said...

Great shot of the Woodpecker hoping to get one on my feeder but i think the area is too urban to attract one here.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful shot of a Woodie.

Monika said...

Those great spotted woodpeckers are sure beauties. Our storm last night passed quickly, I hope yours does too!

Anonymous said...

It`s going to an unsettled week Warren. Maybe it might bring something new in.

Chris said...

Well I hope the storm will also bring you some migrants like it did over here in the north of the country. Now we just have to wait that they flight south ;-)
well done on the woodpecker shot!