Friday, 16 December 2011

Half past three - and sunset already  :-(

This afternoon I was back out making a patch visit for the first time since Tuesday. There was just enough time to visit the lakes, via the Small Holding and Wet Woods, then finishing with the Tree Nursery and Pub Field.

In the Small Holding a few CHAFFINCH had gathered, and a GREEN WOODPECKER was on the lawn of a nearby garden, BLUE and GREAT TITS flitted about in the old orchard, then overhead, 11 FIELDFARE flew over looking for a place to settle and feed, nowhere for them here though.

With the recent rain we've been getting here, the Wet Woods have a few small patches of water appearing now, these were being taken advantage of by three MOORHENS ( probably more in there though!) other than that all was quiet.

 When I arrived at the lakes, the main lake had a CORMORANT fishing on it, and a KINGFISHER was perched up in the thick overhanging branches, but only two pairs of MALLARDS were seen, tucked away under the cover of the trees. On the small lake another 3 pairs of Mallard were seen plus a lone Moorhen.

In the adjacent Scrubby Woods, a few birds were about, these being REDWING, SONGTHRUSH, BLACKBIRD, ROBIN, DUNNOCK, and a loose feeding flock comprising of LONG TAILED TITS, Blue and Great Tits, Chaffinch, and a couple of GREENFINCH, on the way out a pair of GOLDCREST were also seen.

A check of the Pub Field revealed only 60 LAPWING today, but there could have been more earlier, as they get flushed by dog walkers quite often, and not all of them return. 23 BLACK HEADED GULLS fed with the Lapwing, the Golden plover however, are still avoiding the months list   :-)

Not much at all was in the Tree Nursery, the Meadow Pipits have moved on, and just a JAY, two MAGPIES and a hunting KESTREL were recorded here.

I'm looking forward to getting out early for tomorrows full patch walk, but cant really see anything new appearing for the months list, although I've not seen any Geese this month, so there is a bit of hope there maybe!


Stewart said...

Yes its nice to see that the long, light evenings are back with you Warren...try 400 miles further north! ;)

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

You've got fieldfares...all ours have done a bunk

Idiot groundsmen...there's too flamin many of em!!!



Phil said...

Hopefully he has Saturdays off Warren!!

Bob Bushell said...

That's the way God planned it, a song title, but it serves right now. Beautiful.

Rob said...

That sky looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings, Warren - magical.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the weekend, Warren.

Warren Baker said...

I do feel for you mate - honest! :-)