Thursday, 22 December 2011

Looking west across the Tree Nursery
The weather for my patch walk this morning couldn't have been more different from yesterdays, with virtually wall to wall sunshine all day, making it feel warm and springlike  :-)

The birds were a bit more active in the pleasant conditions, and the total of 44 species for the 4 hours I was out is about average for this time of year. The winter thrushes remain thin on the ground though, with just two FIELDFARE seen, and not a single Redwing. SISKINS were few as well, only two parties of three birds were seen, one in the College Grounds and one in the boundary separating Migrant Alley from the Greenhouse Complex. On the other hand, spring seems to be in the mind of some species already, both TREECREEPER and CHAFFINCH were heard to sing, along with the more expected SONGTHRUSH, DUNNOCK, ROBIN, MISTLETHRUSH, WREN, and GOLDCREST.

It's still a bit disappointing over on the lakes, only 11 MALLARD and a MOORHEN were seen, Whilst over at the lakes I at least did see my first CANADA GEESE (61) of the month, when two flew over,  a HERON and a single GREYLAG GOOSE also flew over but didn't drop in to visit.

Some of the LAPWINGS have returned to the Pub Field, with 60+ seen , while both the KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK were up hunting, after resting up in yesterdays gloomy weather. A pair of SKYLARK in the sheep pasture was nice treat, there haven't been any here for a while now.

Despite the sunshine, I didn't get any bird photo's, one of those days!  However, I did depend some time in my garden this afternoon and took a few shots of the GREAT SPOTTED WODPECKERS that came in, no less than FOUR came in together! The female bullfinch also came in again, always a special bird to have in the garden, i'll put those photo's on tomorrows post. A bigger surprise was seeing a Comma Butterfly come in to my ivy, now that is early!

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done with your late/early Comma .
I see a Red Admiral was reported in Sussex today too .

Bob Bushell said...

The Woodie is making everything fantastic, lovely blog.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Comma! WOW - late or early?



Marc Heath said...

Excellent record for the Comma but it was quite mild today. Very nice Woody shots.

Dean said...

Nice one with the Comma, Warren. And 4 Great Spots. Such a greedy person ;-)

Alan Pavey said...

That Comma was a surprise! I like the look of the tree nursery, looks like Shrike country to me :-)

Sharon said...

Great Woodpecker shots Warren :)
Well done with the Comma, although not sure if that's a good or bad thing - the mild weather must be playing havoc with wildlife! We had a bumblebee in the garden yesterday!