Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I was late back from work today, so didn't get out on my patch this afternoon, and tomorrow i'm staying late to help out with the Xmas party, so again it's unlikely i'll be able to do a patch visit tomorrow, given that the dusk arrives so early now.

However, when I did get get home today, I saw the lovely male BULLFINCH on the sunflower heart feeder, and despite the poor light, managed some photo's of it, a  shot I wouldn't have got out on my patch!

With no visit to my patch today, I had time to go through this years bird stats, i'll post these tomorrow, till then, here's the Bullfinch, with a JACKDAW tagging along too   :-)







Jason K said...

I'd love to get a male Bullfinch onn my feeders...but living in a built up Terraced street its highly unlikely. Nice photos mate

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Soooooo jealous of your bully Warren and I've never managed a decent pic of a jackdaw yet, always seem to struggle with black birds
Nights start drawing out in a week!!!


Warren Baker said...

Hi Jase, Dave,
Bullfinch's aren't regular in my garden, but have turned up more frequently in recent winters.

Bob Bushell said...

Good photos Warren, I especially like the Jackdaw.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You are so lucky getting the Bullfinches regularly in the garden .
Bit shy about playing Father Christmas then ?

Marc Heath said...

You are a lucky man to have them in your garden, probably on a lot of peoples wanted garden list.

Mike H said...

Great shots of the bullfinch Warren,best my garden came up with today was 17 Goldfinch and 7 Redwing. Happy to do a swap!

Anonymous said...

I`ll swap your garden Bully for my garden nothing, Warren ;-)

Alan Pavey said...

Nice Bullfinch Warren, it seems like I've only heard them and not seen one for months, thanks for reminding me what they look like :-)