Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunrise over Migrant Alley - showing off the rather poor excuse of a hedgerow!

Once again it was a cold, clear and frosty start to the day, but cloud soon encroached as the morning wore on, giving a few light showers around noon.

Much of the visit went as I expected, although with slightly higher species total than yesterday, 42 in all were recorded in the 3 hour visit. Species seen today, but not yesterday were, PHEASANT seen in the Tree Nursery, LINNET, two flew over the Greenhouse Complex, probably the last of the fifty or so to leave the roost thats here, plus both LONG TAILED TIT and GREY HERON that were seen over at the lakes and Scrubby Woods area. Another species not seen yesterday, in fact a first for the month, was a flight of BARNACLE GEESE (58), a species not seen in any December before, bringing the 10 year combined December list to 89, I know I was expecting a Goose species at some point this month, but not 47 Barnacles!

As I said, not much else had changed since yesterdays visit, but it was good to see so many BULLFINCH'S about, with 14 being counted over the whole of my walk, also it was nice to find the SISKINS dropping in to feed on the various Alder tree's around the patch, instead of flying straight over. The KESTREL was the only raptor to show today and a flyover CORMORANT is always a bonus bird here.

I took some photo's in the ever dwindling light, but none were of any quality - I'll post them anyway, as a record for the day  :-)

Barnacle Geese ! Ive had the odd feral bird turn up over the last couple of years, but this is the first encounter of multiple birds

47 Barnacle Geese, I wonder if they are feral birds ?

Siskin - talking of which, I had the first one of the season at my garden feeders today



Phil said...

Hi Warren, feral or not they're still Barnacle Geese and nice to see I reckon.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Phil,
They make a nice sounding call too :-)

Steve Ashton said...

Nice sun rise this morning Warren, shame it changed so quickly. Having following glitches with my blog at the moment, it does not seem to want to update my dash board with recent postings. Will keep looking in to check.

Warren Baker said...

most of the glitches sort themselves out after a while :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Barnacles. Nice one, Warren.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I'd say these 47 are recordable , much better than the 'plastic' one that usually shows up .
I reckon that if that 'hedge' was layed ,and a bit of planting up , you wouldn't recognise it in a couple of years .

Warren Baker said...

That hedge would also need to be protected from the sheep!!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Did wait out long enough for our Barnies tonight Warren - far too cold on the tootsies...deffo feral as they live in the zoo during the day! Great sound they make feral or not but there's a few wild ones in the pinky flocks on the marshes.



Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Shoulda been didnn't wait out...duhhhh

Bob Bushell said...

That is a fantastic sunrise, you caught it.

Adam said...

Hi Warren

Derek had 18 Barnacles on Swale NNR this morning (KOS Database). Adam

Jason K said...

Great record of the skein of Barnacles Warren...nice one mate!

Alan Pavey said...

Great record, 47 Barnacles is good to see anywhere :-)

Marc Heath said...

What an excellent sighting and i'm sure a nice sight to see passing over. Cracking morning sunrise shot.

Ipin said...

Aye that hedge could do with 'beating up' a bit Warren!