Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to work today, so it's back to the shorter afternoon patch visits, which with the heavy cloud cover was down to just 90 minutes, as it was dusk by 15:30hrs. A quick visit to the Lakes was initially disappointing, nothing on the water, except MALLARDS, of which there were 22, however scanning the branches overhanging the waters edge, I spied a KINGFISHER (51), always a pleasure to get the first one of the year on the list :-)

In one of the other large gardens, the more wildlife friendly owners had refilled their feeders, these were visited by a few GOLDFINCH, GREENFINCH, CHAFFINCH, NUTHATCH, and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, plus in the nearby Alder trees a flock of six SISKIN were feeding, a GREEN WOODPECKER made up the interest as it fed on the lawn. Across the way, in the Scrubby Woods, a COAL TIT called, and several BULLFINCH were heard.

Next stop was the Tree Nursery and Pub Field, which were both devoid of any bird life at all, not really surprising in the now blustery and rainy conditions, a KESTREL did go over as I left to have a look around the Greenhouse Complex Grounds, and a last scan of the sky towards the lakes, provided me with views of two CORMORANT dropping in - the idiot groundsman must of gone home!

Unfortunately there was a work crew in the Greenhouse Grounds, so that was only good for seeing the likes of BLACKBIRDS, DUNNOCKS, ROBINS, WRENS and PIED WAGTAILS, however, I got chatting to the foreman there, and he tells me that they are likely to be taking over the Tree Nursery lease, which runs out for the present tenants in April. He reckons it will be used for arable for a couple of years, before being used to propagate plants, probably raspberries, this might be good news indeed for the butterflies, birds, and wildlife there at present, as it would at least not revert to sheep pasture! Another plus is that the field would be managed with the enviroment in mind, 5 meter wildflower margins and minimal mowing - excellent if it comes off  :-)

That bit of news cheered me no end as I walked home, despite the rain and wind, it's the first positive thing thats happened in the area for years, fingers crossed!

Not a day for the camera again  :-( so i'll put up the final few of my garden bird photo's taken on Monday just gone.

Great Spotted Woodpecker ( had 3 in the garden as I ate lunch today)



Kelly said...

...Warren, there's always someone cleaning up or sawing up something on your trail. Those people need to take a rest! :-) Loved the photo of the Blue much detail!

I recognize that starling. I have a small winter day-roost of about 500 birds that have taken up residence in my yard. They are policing all the other birds away. Hopefully it normalizes soon so the other birds can come back! The hawks do come in now and then for a peak...then they fly off but soon return.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

That Kingfisher sighting equals my tally of them for the whole off last year Warren
Hope the field thing comes to fruition - pun very definitely intended ;-)



Jason K said...

Ooooh Kingfisher....there is nothing quite like getting your first of the year!

Warren Baker said...

''Tidying'' up the countryside is a national desease here!!

Starlings are on the decline here Kelly, so look after your gang, we may want some back :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Nice one with the Kingfisher Warren, I was looking this morning but failed. Great pics again :-)

Rohrerbot said...

What are they doing around you?:) Are they making a new woods with all the sawing and cutting? Sorry it had to come to an end. I'm in that same space. Playing time has been cut down:) But it was fun reading your work. Really great shot of the starling....and of course...the blue tit.

Marc Heath said...

At least you are able to get out most days, even if its only an hour here or there, just to keep ticking over. Hopefully I may be able to get out in the next few days after work.

Rob said...

The Blue Tit is looking well insulated, Warren - nice shot.
Get the groundsman a bow saw - much quieter!

Little Brown Job said...

Nice shot of the GSW and the Blue Tit is lovely.

Chris said...

Wow give me some light please ;-) Gosh I've not been taking that much pictures because of snow, dark and cold... It was a quite calm winter...+
But heye I managed to get 90 species in 2011 with a Hen herrier that landed almost in front of my house the 28/12, in a middle of a storm and that was one lifer over here for me....and only the 4th one seen in Iceland... But I did not get time to get a picture.
Well done on the 51 species, I might have reached up to 12 now ;-)
Happy new year Warren and happy birding year.

Anonymous said...

Good news regards those future plans, Warren. All i get on my patch is more & more buildings.

Christian said...

3 in the garden - that's lovely. Th eone we get was riding the wind rollercoaster the other day on the fat balls. Poor little lady.

Lovely shot of the woodpecker mate.