Friday, 20 January 2012

Nothing much to say today ! I had just an hour out on my patch this afternoon, as I had to be back at three o'clock for an appointment. This meant there was just time for a hurried walk over to the lakes, and a hurried walk back again !

I needn't of worried about missing something on the lakes, although it's always nice to see the COOT, and CORMORANT there, they aren't normal 'lake fare'  :-) The few MALLARD and MOORHEN are however. I couldn't re locate yesterdays Little Grebe, but these can be hard to find at times, and with time not on my side I may have missed it as it rested, concealed under the tangled overhang of the bankside tree branches. Nothing much more to note for the day, except a COMMON GULL on the sheep pasture, seen as I walked home from work, anything but a 'common' Gull here :-)

I'm looking forward to tomorrows full patch walk, there are still a few birds I might encounter for the January/year list, a Grey wagtail would be possible, as would Little Owl. At the moment the January list is on 61, which is the fifth best January, so I should improve on that.
Below are the species totals for all the January's. The first one in 2002 is pathetic! However, I only made 8 visits to the patch, as I was still in full time work then, plus I hadn't really got to grips with the habitat around my patch at that point  :-) 

Jan.2002. - 50 Species
Jan.2003. - 60 Species
Jan.2004. - 59 Species
Jan.2005. - 57 Species
Jan.2006. - 57 Species
Jan.2007. - 58.Species
Jan.2008. - 62 Species
Jan.2009. - 68 Species
Jan.2010. - 65 Species
Jan.2011. - 68 Species
Jan.2012. - 61 Species......and counting!
Mean total for Jan. 60.4 Species
Combined January total. 82 Species


ShySongbird said...

You are certainly loyal to your patch Warren, there can't be a blade of grass or a twig there that you don't know :-)

Hope you have a good walk tomorrow and that the Little Grebe puts in another appearance.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Songbird,
Knowing my patch so well is a bit of a double edged sword. The intimate knowledge of what lives where, means that any habitat destruction is keenly felt.

Alan Pavey said...

The trend is certainly that numbers are rising and still a way to go yet :-)

Anonymous said...

You really put the watch into patch watching, Warren. Hats off to you.