Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Well, the forecasted gales and torrential rain duly arrived this morning, making virtually the whole of my last days holiday a complete write off  :-(

I didn't get out until 14:00hrs, even then it was just for an hour, as the clouds swept in again on the strong wind, threatening rain again. In that hour I walked the Tree Nursery, and went over to my seat at Migrant Alley, the Tree Nursery was pretty quiet, with just a KESTREL doing it's best to make up for the lost hunting time, while over at Migrant Alley, a few GOLDFINCH fed in the Alders that form the boundary with the Greenhouse Complex. Some big puddles had formed on the sheep pasture, and I scanned them all for a Snipe, with no luck though. I watched the sky for a while, hoping that a different Gull might have been blown inland by the gales, but although there were plenty of BLACK HEADED GULLS, and the odd HERRING GULL, no other species were forthcoming. The visit wasn't a total waste though, as one more species for the year list was added when a PEREGRINE FALCON (50) flew over the Tree Nursery as I walked home , an excellent bird to celebrate the 50th species for the year with !

Looking at this CHAFFINCH photo I took this afternoon,you would be deceived into thinking it was a beautiful day!      
I took these Goldfinch photo's yesterday afternoon, at my garden feeders, helps brighten the blog!



Marc Heath said...

That really was a day to forget weather wise, especially as its back to work tomorrow, thanks weather!!

Anonymous said...

Cracking Goldy shots, Warren.

Alan Pavey said...

You did well to add a year tick today Warren, it was definitely a write off for me.

Warren Baker said...

Back to work tomorrow, and the weather picks up :-(

Steve Ashton said...

The Goldfinches certainly brighten up the page Warren, I did not venture out side the front door today.

Little Brown Job said...

Almost glad I was back at work today watching the horizontal rain!