Sunday, 29 January 2012

Four hours were spent out on my patch this morning, the last full patch visit of the month, and although a slightly better than average daylist of 44 species were seen, there was little change overall. The lakes continued with some interest, as two of the three COOTS were still present, the third may have been concealed somewhere, as could of been the Little Grebe, that was last seen on Friday. Also on the lakes were the 6 CANADA GEESE, four pairs of MALLARD three pairs of MOORHEN and a GREY HERON.

Highlights from other parts of the walk were, a flyover PEREGRINE FALCON, it went over the Pub Field, and over at the College Stream a flock of around twenty SISKIN with at least two LESSER REDPOLLS was a nice find. On the College sports pitch 3 COMMON GULLS were seen, a peak count in this, the 11th year of watching my patch  :-)

Late on in the walk, as I watched the KESTREL over the Greenhouse Complex, a flock of 8 REDWING flew into the Greenhouse Copse, the most seen here for some weeks. A LESSER BLACKED BACKED GULL, that flew over with two HERRING GULLS made up four Gull species for the day, BLACK HEADED GULL being the yet unmentioned species.

Other than that, as I said earlier, it's not really changing much here at the moment  :-)  Maybe i'll get lucky with monday and Tuesdays shorter afternoon visits ??

With the day being very gloomy for most of the time, the camera saw little action, but I managed to snap this STARLING at the Garden feeders.



Rohrerbot said...

I have been fascinated by starlings. Apparently for some, there are so many in the area that they can be quite annoying around the bird feeders? I don't know much about this bird. In the US, they are having issues in Kentucky with thousands upon thousands of blackbirds roosting in trees and not moving to another area. It's really interesting. If I had that many birds, I wouldn't mind. They're nice to have around....any bird really:) Well maybe not pigeons:)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Sounds like you had better weather than here , I was expecting fog for you .
No Partridge in a Pear tree around the lakes then .

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, it's been mega dull here all day and cold with it :-(

Not one Starling showed up for my RSPB count!

Warren Baker said...

I'd take any kind of Partridge on my patch :-)

Marc Heath said...

At least by the sounds of it you didn't get the hail that we did. Despite not the best January you are still finding some good birds daily.

Andy said...

Hi Warren

Long time no speak. Good to read your accounts every day still and compare them with mine over here in East Peckham. Interesting the other week when you got the Golden Plovers in your area, we had them here in EP as well. Not seen since. Year totals for last year are an interesting comparison with me just over the 100 mark. I think our combined totals reach around 110. Real cracker today though on my patch - a Great White Egret!!!! Thought it was Little Egret when I first saw it but the size, dark feet and the yellow bill were a dead giveaway. Then it landed alongside a Little Egret. What a morning. It's days like this when it makes it a real joy being a birder.

Alan Pavey said...

It was pretty gloomy yesterday, I would have been happy with the Peregrine, still just one sighting here so far this year.