Monday, 23 January 2012

There was just enough light this morning at 07:20, to see a KINGFISHR zip along the college stream as I walked into work, cant get much better than that to start the working week  :-)

After work, I was out for my usual afternoon foray over to the lakes, taking in the Small Holding and Wet Woods as I went. The Small Holding was again home to the GREENFINCH and CHAFFINCH flock, which spend their time being chased from my garden to this place, by the pair of Sparrowhawks, i'd seen the remains of a WOODPIGEON in my garden before leaving, no doubt this was the female's work! Anyway, also in the Small Holding were at least 4 GREEN WOODPECKERS, and numerous GREAT and BLUE TITS.

The Wet Woods was quiet, but as I walked through I heard the familiar ( or not so familiar this year!) ''chak chak chak' of FIELDFARE, I watched at least 30 flyover the tree tops. Once over at the lakes I gave them a good scan, and found the COOT, but today it had been joined by another, blimey, things are looking up, two Coots!!  I wonder if this is the same pair that attempted to breed here last spring ? A CORMORANT, 4 MOORHEN, 5 pairs of MALLARD and a Kingfisher made up the interest on the water today - two Kingfishers on the same day! Very nice.

Looking round the surrounding Scrubby Woods I was pleased to see an ash tree full of REDWING, at least 20 were there, but my count got as far as 15, then a grey dart of a male SPARROWHAWK flashed past my right shoulder and put them all to flight, no Redwings for days, then when they do visit the Sprawk sees 'em off !

That was my que to move on, and a brief visit to the Pub Field and Tree Nursery followed, however, both habitats were very quiet, just a fly over YELLOWHAMMER and the KESTREL were seen, talking of which, the kindly folk over at the Greenhouse Complex have erected a box for it now  :-) 

Not a day for the camera, so i'll post some more of yesterdays garden bird photo's. More Nuthatch and Goldfinch i'm afraid, but I know there are some of you out there that admire the Nuthatch  :-)
PS: Still not had a House Sparrow in my garden this year. 



ShySongbird said...

Lovely feeder photos again Warrren, yes, I for one am still a delicate shade of green regarding Nuthatches in the garden ;-)

Hope you do get the Coots breeding successfully this year, I'll gladly swap some local Coots for one of your Kingfishers!
Glad you are seeing more Winter Thrushes now.

You are still not showing up on sidebars when you should despite having apparently published your post before others who are showing. Blogger is weird !

Rohrerbot said...

Your goldfinches have interesting color. I love the brown colors mixed in! Some days are better than's hoping that your day today has better views:)

Ken. said...
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Ken. said...

Not more Nuthatch photo's. Not knocking it , just jealous. What I wouldn't do to have one visit my garden.Great photo's of it.
Well done with the 2 Kingfishers, and the winter Thrushes.

Marc Heath said...

Awesome shots again of the Nuttie. At least the light is slowly allowing some birding before and after work now. Hopefully I may even get out myself soon in the week.

Steve Ashton said...

Its nice to have Nuthatches on the feeders Warren.

Christian said...

7:20 and it's getting light! Things are looking up.

Chris said...

Two beautiful species you got pictures of Warren... Very nice!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
The 'chak chak' of the Fieldfare is much less familiar this year as you say , but Carol had 11 in next door's garden while I was out yesterday .

Anonymous said...

Two Kingfishers in one day, Warren. I didn`t manage more than that all last year.

Alan Pavey said...

A nice start to the day Warren, it'll be interesting to see if the Coots stay around, they have attempted breeding here a couple of times.

biker-bri said...

I must get some feeders set up in my garden, I get the feeling that I am missing out on so much, fantastic photos by the way
Regards Brian

Bob Bushell said...

That is the nicest images that I have seen so far, great.