Monday, 20 February 2012

After yesterdays bird bonanza, this afternoon was bit of  a wake up call! It's never as good birding in the mid afternoon, but I still had an enjoyable couple of hours out  :-)

My usual visit to the lakes area was made, and here I found the two COOTS, looking for all the world like they will be nesting soon  :-)  I watched them feeding, diving down to get the water weed and bobbing back up with it. Only two CANADA GEESE, 1 MOORHEN and 3 MALLARD were present with them today.
Going under!
Almost got some !
A water weed snack !
Apart from watching the Coots, I had a look around the Scrubby Woods, here I saw BULLFINCH, NUTHATCH, and a couple of REDWING, as well as a cock PHEASANT, and a party of LONG TAILED TITS with a GOLDCREST in tow.

I made some effort to visit the Tree Nursery and glance over the Pub Field, the Tree Nursery had only GREEN WOODPECKERS of interest - 3 flew up and bounded away to the nearby Oak tree, while the Pub Field was empty apart from 8 BLACK HEADED GULLS.

A skywatch over on my seat at Migrant Alley was a bit of a poor affair, just a single CORMORANT, 3 HERRING GULLS and lots more Black Headed Gulls were seen, as well as the usual mix of Corvids and the ever present WOODPIGEONS.

The Fieldfares seem to have stopped going through for the moment, might be an early departure back north for them this year, last year the last date one was recorded was on the 19th of March, but the mean last date is the 30th March, so I should see a few more yet :-) I note that in only 3 of the last 10 years I have found Fieldfares in April.

I spent half an hour in the garden this afternoon, trying to get some photo's at the feeders in the diminishing light - here's the results  :-)
I didn't have to wait long for this Nuthatch to come down
COLLARD DOVES are ever present in my garden
I took these Collared Dove shots aginst the light, but they came out acceptable  :-)
These GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER photo's were taken through the double glazing, they just dont let me open the window to get a shot of them, it might help if I clean the windows though!!
Great Spotted Woodpecker


Rohrerbot said...

Great selection of birds and shots on your hike today!! The Coots have been quite fascinating for me here as well. I focused my camera on them and observed their behaviors for awhile in the water. Sometimes people overlook them but they actually are quite interesting birds. Glad you've had a better turnout on your hikes.

ShySongbird said...

Are you sure that first photo isn't an old black sack ;-) Good to see the Coots are still there.

Funny you should say about the Fieldfares, I didn't see any at all yesterday in the usual places. I know they say we are going to have some higher temps at the end of the week but surely they won't go this soon.

Love the Nuthatch!

Warren Baker said...

Sorry about the Coot shot, I couldn't get any closer without getting wet, and I cant swim :-(

Yes, I heard that spring was coming at the end of this week, looking forward to it like a kid does christmas! :-)

Warren Baker said...

Coots are a rare bird on my little patch, so I try to enjoy them while they are here :-)

Jeremy said...

Enjoyed the Coot photos, and some more crackers from your garden. We don't see that many Collared Doves round here, so they still always look faintly exotic to me!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Jeremy.
Lots of people here dont like the Collared Doves, they constantly ''coo coo coo'' from first light, but I quite like them, they're better than the barking dogs!!

Bob Bushell said...

Your photography is getting better and better, great everything.

Marc Heath said...

You and these Nuthatch shots Warren. I must try and find one myself soon to photograph and get even with you.

biker-bri said...

So much detail in the nuthatch, Oh how I want a new lens!!! to be honest it's just as much about your patience
and my lack of it "note to self must be patient lol :)" fantastic as always Warren. Regards Bri.

Anonymous said...

Good shots again, Warren.

I often record Fieldfares as late as April up here.

Chris said...

heye send me a nuthatch and I will send you a mealy ;-) Beautiful pictures today Warren and the cold is still there 1°C this morning and the snow is back!!!

Anthony Miners said...

Love your header and great Nuthatch image.

Mike said...

Nice woody and nutty shots Warren.

Wilma said...

I really like the lighting in dove shots.