Saturday, 25 February 2012

The penultimate full patch walk of February started out with heavy cloud cover that only parted once I had finished the walk 4 hours later.

 A good total of 45 species was recorded, but it was generally quieter than of late, with less birdsong, although both SONGTHRUSH and MISTLETHRUSH, as well as WREN, DUNNOCK ROBIN, CHAFFINCH, GREENFINCH and BLACKBIRD all gave some song at times, the latter the first I've heard singing this year  :-)

Whilst looking into the Wet Woods for yesterdays Teal, which I didn't find today, I came across a drake MANDARIN DUCK, probably the same bird that was on the lakes yesterday afternoon. The Lakes today had a GREY HERON and a CORMORANT fishing, plus a few MOORHEN, with 3 pairs of MALLARD. There were no Geese today, and the third Coot had now moved on, leaving the paired up couple to themselves.

Winter species were not fourth coming today, the only one seen were flyover SISKIN, not a single Fieldfare or Redwing was recorded. Just 2 Gull species were noted, those being BLACK HEADED and HERRING GULL, 25 of the former were feeding on the College sports pitch.

YELLOWHAMMER, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER, COAL TIT and GOLDCREST were all good species to see and enjoy, as were the three raptor species of KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK and the birds of the day, the pair of PEREGRINES (68), which were watched circling the village tower for a few minutes before flying off SE, seemingly finding nowhere suitable to perch on the covered building. These were a new species for February, and takes this months species tally to 68, a new February record has been set!!  :-)

This afternoon, after a failed attempt to locate an off patch, but nearby drake Smew, I spent an hour in the garden just enjoying the sunshine with the Bees and birds  :-)
Bumbles bees 'drunkenly' staggering over the Crocus'


ShySongbird said...

Congrats on the record February total Warren and lovely photos.

I have a Blackbird singing its heart out in the front garden as I write this as it has done every evening since about the end of December, it is a joy that cheers me up whatever sort of day I've had :-)

If I remember rightly you had three Coots for a while last Winter let's hope the pair will have good luck this time.

The photo of the Wren with the Crocus is beautiful!!

Wilma said...

Well, at least the peregrines are still in the neighborhood.

Warren Baker said...

You're spot on with the Coot observation Songbird, good to see someone paying attention out there :-)

Warren Baker said...

Lets hope they stay around until the building work has been finished :-)

Marc Heath said...

Love the Bee shots, can almost feel the warmth in the shot. A pair of Peregrines is certainly a good result.

Anonymous said...

Well done on setting a new Feb total, Warren.

Things have well dried up, here.

Christian said...

Cracking little Wren shot there Warren. I'm still to be able to catch one.

Marianne said...

Congrats on a February record :) Nice to see the crocuses (croci?) out.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Result - congrats! and good to know your Peregrines are still about lets hope they find somewhere nearby to tide them over until the work on the tower is finished