Monday, 13 February 2012

College Ground pond - slowly thawing
Not much to report today from the pittswood patch, the weather was awful, grey, rainy and with a cold wind. The normal visit to the Lakes and Scrubby woods via the Small Holding and Wet Woods had to be postponed, as I had forgotten to by the missus a card for our wedding anniversary which is today, and had to get out pretty sharpish over to the College grounds to purchase one at the garden center there, at least I could do some birding on the way  :-)

With the weather being so poor not much was seen on the walk across the Sheep pasture and paddocks at Migrant alley, just a couple of dozen WOOD PIGEON, 35 ROOKS plus a few JACKDAW in with them, and a flypast of 31 LAPWING.

Having purchased my card, (phew!) I had a quick look around the College Gardens and grounds, not much could be expected, as it is open to the public, and at this time of day even in the awful weather people were milling around, which is why I dont often visit here after 8am! There were alot of DUNNOCKS around, more than usual, I counted nine feeding amongst the flower borders, a small flock of LONG TAILED TITS were observed flitting through the shrubs, along with the more regular BLUE and GREAT TITS, plus the odd SONGTHRUSH, BLACKBIRD, and a couple of foraging REDWING in the leaf litter. The small ponds were still mostly frozen over, but showed signs of thawing, just a couple of MOORHEN were seen on the largest of them.

The walk back home was miserable, as the rain started to come down heavier, but I noted 3 small flocks of FIELDFARE going over headed west, about 25 birds in total, also a couple of SKYLARKS were heard going over, but I confess, i didn't look up to see, as the rain kept blowing down my neck! The only other birds of note were a KESTREL in the Greenhouse Grounds, along with a MEADOW PIPIT that I heard calling.

The rest of the afternoon was spent garden watching, the highlight here was a male SISKIN, and the Songthrush. Tomorrow is my last day at work this week, so i should get some meaningful visits in from Wednesday onwards - weather permitting!


Alan Pavey said...

Let's hope the weather gives you some good visits later in the week.

Jason K said...

Now that you are getting a thaw you may get an interestig duck turn up on the water Warren

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I trust you bought one for tomorrow too .
Cassanova , eat your heart out .

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hope you got two cards Warren ;-)



Bob Bushell said...

It is gradually thawing, that is happening in my area as well. Tomorrow should be ok, as long the weatherpeople keep their promises.

Rohrerbot said...

Hopefully the weather lets up a bit for you to enjoy the rest of your days off. I'm sorry I didn't follow up this weekend. I went hiking far away and just got back last night. It's really interesting watching all the bird action going on around here.

Warren Baker said...

The thaw cant come quick enough :-)

Greenie, Dave,
now I'm married, a second card wont be fourthcoming :-)

Phil said...

Wednesday should be a good day Warren.
Does the college sell flowers and chocolates as well as cards? If so I hope you bought her some! You know it makes sense!!

Warren Baker said...

Phil, my missus suffers from hayfever, and chocolate gives her a migraine............I get off lightly dont you think :-)

Marc Heath said...

Hopefully if she does not read this you are a safe man.... for this year anyway. Take her out for a bit of birding tomorrow, I can't think of anything more romantic!!

Wilma said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Funny - none of the guys offered that sentiment! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Warren. And good luck regards your days off. Just don`t get to many ticks, though ;-)

ShySongbird said...

Belated but Very, Very, Happy Anniversary Wishes to you both. I hope you had a lovely day. Sounds like you narrowly averted big trouble, Warren :-)

Warren Baker said...

I did once forget a card, i'll never do that again!!