Thursday, 2 February 2012

Once again this afternoon there was a biting cold NE wind, but that didn't deter the first 11 LAPWING (40) of the month from feeding in the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, I nearly missed them as I walked home from work, barley looking up at times, such was the keenness of the wind!

The wind dropped slightly whilst i walked over to the lakes, I went via the Tree Nursery today, as there was disturbance in the Small Holding, and it was in the nursery that two MEADOW PIPITS (41) flew up, ''Seep'' ''Seeping'' as they went, another one for the Feb. list   :-)  I checked the Pub Field as I passed, and saw 5 LAPWING, probably part of the 11 that I had seen earlier, also with them were 8 BLACK HEADED GULLS.

At the lakes, the MALLARDS had dropped in number to 14, and only 1 MOORHEN was seen, the COOTS remain still, but the lakes were half frozen over, only being kept open by the wind action on the water, i think tonight will finish the job of icing them completely. Around the Scrubby Wood, it was cold and quiet, the only notables being a GOLDCREST, a TREECREEPER and a flock of BULLFINCH, two males and two females, as I left, i was fortunate enough to watch the first dozen REDWING (42) of the month drop in.

All was very wintry, and still as I walked back home, but two GREEN WOODPECKERS were observed feeding in a large Garden, and the first HOUSE SPARROW (43) of the month was also seen along Ashes Lane  :-)

One of the Female Bullfinch from the Scrubby Woods - a typical view of this species!
Distant shot of one of the Green woodpeckers

Green Woodpecker
The sun was low in the sky when I got home, and the only sunlight to reach over the back wall of my garden fell on the fat feeder, where these BLUE TITS fed  :-)


Rohrerbot said...

Lovely shots. I really like that woodpecker you have in your area. We a colorful one but it doesn't have any green on it so it's nice to see a variety. I envision your walks and that whipping cold wind is hard for me....especially when trying to use my camera. My fingers freeze so fast.

Phil said...

Looks like your Feb list is ticking over nicely Warren. Snow at the weekend might make things a bit interesting.

Kieron said...

hi Warren, wasn't that sparrow a year tick too?

Warren Baker said...

Its my garden that hasn't had a house Sparrow yet :-)

If it snows, you never know what might be on the move, look to the skies!

My fingers were burning at times today, they were so cold, I find gloves hopeless for using the Camera and Bins!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Warren. Well done with the new month ticks.

I have some leather gloves which fit snugly to my fingers so not too bad for operating the camera, I suppose having slim fingers helps though. It certainly is bitingly cold and we currently have snow forecast for the weekend!

Christian said...

So jealous - never even seen a G WP!

Warren Baker said...

I'd gladly give you 4 GWP's for a Barn owl :-)

Hi Songbird,
Saw the weather forecast just now, seems they dont know what's going to fall from the sky, when or where!!

Anthony Miners said...

Love the Bullfinch and Green Woodpecker images.

Anonymous said...

Wish a Mipit would "seep seep" over my patch, Warren. I`ve not seen or heard one for a couple of months.

Bob Bushell said...

I love your picture of a female Bullfinch, superb.