Wednesday, 11 July 2012

As I walked home from work, the weather looked promising for an afternoon patch visit, patchy cloud was equalled by patchy blue sky, and when the sun came out it felt quite warm  :-)

Of course, it didn't last, just 20 mins after leaving home the sky became black and an almighty thunderstorm erupted, when that passed the next one was already on the horizon, 20 mins later it chucked it down again, ending prematurely another patch visit  :-(

In the 20 mins it was dry, I did get to see a HOBBY fly past, and the KESTREL family were about. I even got some hastily taken photo's of a Red Admiral and Comma Butterfly.
Red Admiral
Just as the storm was about to break, I made a dash for the cover of the Poly tunnels, as it grew ever darker, one of the Kestrels alighted 30m in front of me, on a post, typical, with hardly any light and the wrong lens on, I now get a chance of a photo!
I had to heavily adjust the brightness on this Kestrel pose
The storm broke and I spent the next half hour sheltering under the poly tunnels, the rain was so intense it was deafening as it hit the plastic above me, the thunder roared and lightning flashed, what a crappy old summer  :-(
A Summers day! - my view from the poly tunnel, i've brightened the image, it wasn't this light!
Rain, rain, rain, rain ,rain,...................i've had enough now  :-(


Steve Ashton said...

Nice Kestrel shot Warren, it would not be the same without a bit of afternoon rain.

Phil said...

At least you got a few pics Warren. I missed the rain this morning but had the pleasure of being 'assaulted' by three different dogs at Dene Park wood, near your patch I beleieve.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers steve,
The kestrel was an ''if only'' shot :-)

Warren Baker said...

I Only visited Dene park once in the 13 years I've lived here, the place was full of dogs and dog sh*t, what a waste of a nice natural habitat.

Jason K said...

The great British summer Warren....Youve got to love it!

Mind you Hobby and Red Admiral in the same day is good this year!

ShySongbird said...

Nothing wrong at all with that Kestrel shot Warren, it's great! I haven't seen a Comma at all this year.

Oh my! That did look black, I bet you were glad you had somewhere to shelter!

Warren Baker said...

I didn't venture to far from the poly tunnels, I could see the storms approaching. Do you know, the storms past through for the next 6 hours!