Monday, 23 July 2012

The weather has now made a complete turn around, the cool, wet and windy weather we have suffered endured for the last 3 months has given way to wall to wall blue skies and hot sunshine  :-)

After I had finished work I went over to the Tree Nursery to see what Butterflies and Damselflies were about, not as many as I had expected was the answer, maybe it was too hot for them! There were plenty of Meadow Browns and Small Skippers, with, I suspect, Essex Skippers amongst them, a dozen Gatekeepers, a couple of Red Admirals, and a Small Copper were also seen, plus my first Holly Blue since the spring  :-)

With the sun beating down on me, I had to take a rest in a shaded area, and as I watched the SWALLOWS flitting about the blue, I spotted a larger black bird above them, I had a look through my bins and was pleased to see it was a CORMORANT (60) at last I've found one for the month! That was it for the birding highlights, not many were seen out in the open during the heat of the day, i'll have a walk out this evening once it cools off a bit.

I had a look at the run off pool at the bottom of the Tree Nursery while out, and saw a few Damsels, including Azure Blue, Common Blue and Blue Tailed, as well as the White Legged, there was also a Common Darter and an Emperor Dragonfly. A CHIFFCHAFF dropped in for a drink whilst I was there  :-)

Just one of the KESTREL family was up hunting today, and the first SPAROWHAWK since the 15th was also seen.
 I took 135 photo's today - here's the ones I kept  :-)

This immature WOODPIGEON is only the second one ive seen this year
The Chiffchaff that came down for a drink
My first Holly Blue Butterfly since the spring, egg laying on ivy, as the second brood does
Having brown tips to its antenna, I say this is a small skipper, not Essex  :-)
White-legged Damselfly
Blue tailed damselfly
Common Darter


Ken. said...

Well done with finally adding a Cormorant to your list, everything comes to he who waits, well sometimes.
Nice photo of the White Legged Damselfly, I have never seen on yet.
Enjot the nice weather while it is here.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

"With the sun beating down on me, I had to take a rest in a shaded area" 8-)
When it's hot he wants it cold, when it's cold he wants it hot...those weird English always want it what it's not!

Gonna have to check every small skipper I find now - Essex not been recorded this far north yet...but someone has to be first

Enjoy the sunshine, who knows how long it will or wont last



Greenie said...

Warren ,
I too think that it was just too much of a temperature difference for many butterflies today .
Good job you're not on film .

Marc Heath said...

I shall be back out in the field tomorrow and looking forward to it. Hopefully a few nice shots like you seem to be managing of late.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, Glad you got your Cormorant. Lovely photo of the young Song Thrush.

I photographed a skipper yesterday which looks like an Essex but think I may have to let others decide eventually.

Absolutely p'd off, beautiful weather but had to stay in for a parcel which still hasn't arrived at 8pm!!! They still say it will be...I don't believe them. So could have gone out anyway...aaarrrrrggghhh :-(

Jason K said...

Another good mixed bag Warren. The White-legged Damselflies will be over soon

Gary Jones said...

A nice post Warren, and some great shots!

Rohrerbot said...

I think it's a conspiracy Warren. The Olympics are in town and someone is controlling the weather. The minute the events are over, the weather will go back dark rain:)

But seriously....Your shot of the common darter is incredible. I have had a difficult time getting them clear over the entire body....the whole shot is perfect. Nice. Hope the sunshine stays for awhile:)