Monday, 2 July 2012

Today was of limited interest, due to once again the poor weather, but early this morning I watched the first SPOTTED FLYCATCHER fledglings at the College Grounds, at least two were being fed by a very busy adult bird, this brings the 'confirmed successfully breeding list' to 35. Also at the College Grounds, along the Stream, my first GREY WAGTAIL (48) since March was seen, an immature bird.

As I said, the weather was again most unsummer like today, cool, cloudy, and breezy, and within an hour of being out, a wetting drizzle was being blown around on the wind, making for a very quiet time, certainly for Butterfly and Damselfly searching! The only birds of note in the hour I spent around Migrant Alley were the KESTREL pair, and the young Swallows perched on the fence. The LESSER WHITETHROAT continues to sing from the Greenhouse Grounds and also the Tree Nursery.

Lets hope tomorrow will be less windy!
Not much food about for this young Swallow :-(
It was with six others, lets hope they all get enough for for their trip back in a few months


Jason K said...

I've not had a patch Grey Wag this year as yet Warren...they are a once or twice a year bird at Shenstone!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Jase,
They used to breed on the College Stream here, but I suspect they have moved 'up stream' a bit now :-)

Rohrerbot said...

Where there's a will; there's a way:) Cute little bugger:)

midlands birder said...

Great Swallow Pics!

Mike said...

Good Swallow image. The fence an background work well in this composition.

ShySongbird said...

Those Swallows pose beautifully for you Warren.

Yet another wet day's definitely done my head in :-(