Thursday, 13 September 2012

As have the last few days been, today was another lovely Autumnal day, I only wish I didn't have to go into work!
This afternoon these Red Admirals were plentiful

But work I must, so it was an afternoon visit again today, not as good as the mornings for birdlife, but my trip around the Tree Nursery, Pub Field, Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley still gave me some nice birds.

The first of multiple sightings of SPARROWHAWK, KESTREL and COMMON BUZZARD were had as I walked the Tree Nursery, not much on the ground though, just a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS, 3 MAGPIES and a DUNNOCK were seen. Even less was on the Pub Field, only the feral pigeons were here, it may liven up a bit when it's getting ploughed, a YELLOW WAGTAIL called as it flew over though, as did a MEADOW PIPIT that went over with a group of HOUSE MARTINS.

Migrant Alley had no Migrants on the fence lines this afternoon, yesterdays Wheatear have moved on, but again a lone Yellow wagtail was heard and seen well as it flew low over my head, along with a few more Meadow Pipit and further small groups of House Martins and Swallows.

I finished up at the Greenhouse Grounds, where a WILLOW WARBLER was found, along with the CHIFFCHAFF feeding on the Raspberry pile, I also saw a WHITETHROAT feeding on elder berries here.

So not to bad a couple of hours today, despite not adding anything to the months list, a few summer birds were nice to see, plus a few more going over on passage, I think a morning visit is desperately needed - roll on Saturday!

I declined the temptation of photographing the Chiffchaff at the Raspberry dump, but went back to the WRENS :-) There were at least 6 there today, plus 4 DUNNOCK, a BLACKBIRD, and 2 ROBINS.
Wren on the Raspberry dump
Wren on the Raspberry dump
I also had a half hour photo session at my garden feeders, trying to get a Nuthatch photo that i'm happy with, but they are so quick, and the light is tricky, here's the result - I think - i'll be trying again!
Garden Nuthatch
Garden Nuthatch


Little Brown Job said...

Lovely pair of Nuthatch shots, they look good in the tricky light.

Marianne said...

I love the Wren shots, gorgeous. And the way the Red Admiral's all flattened out, trying to soak up the sun. It was a perfect autumn day, or at least it looked that way through the window (I was stuck inside working - booo!)

Rohrerbot said...

These guys are super tricky to capture. You got some great closeups! By the time I get the focus set, the hop around the limb of a tree. Drives me nuts:) Working vs. birding?'s a battle here as well. I may go tonight just to get out....if I'm not too tired.

Warren Baker said...

I can never resist 'em!

Warren Baker said...

Boo to work indeed :-)
Lots of those Red Admiral about at the moment.

Warren Baker said...

The Nuthatches are easier to photo in my garden, I can hide in my shed!

Mike H said...

Whats not to like about your Nuthatch shots Warren.

Jason K said...

Loving the colours on the raspberry shots Warren.

lot of birds moving through here at the mo especially Mipits, Swallows and Buzzards

ShySongbird said...

A lovely photo of my favourite butterfly Warren :-)

I think you see, and get lovely photos of, more Wrens than I've had hot dinners (good job I checked that, I had put an S instead of a D at the beginning of the last word!!!!). The Nuthatch photos are beautiful, I would be happy with just a sighting of one in my garden.

Warren Baker said...

A bit shadowy for my liking, and slightly off focus in parts, should have used a higher number :-)

Warren Baker said...

Hot sinners eh? I'll say no more!