Saturday, 15 September 2012

There was more fine, sunny weather for todays full patch walk, which yielded a few more of the summer species than I thought would show up, but on the other hand, there were some regular species missing, such as Long tailed Tit, Mistle thrush, Buzzard, Skylark, and Pied wagtail, keeping the daylist down to a quite low 42 species.

Of the summer species, CHIFFCHAFF were the most numerous, they were seen at the College Grounds, Greenhouse Grounds, and Scrubby Woods, a single WHITETHROAT was seen at the Greenhouse Grounds, with a lone BLACKCAP, 4 more were seen at the College Grounds, and another single was found at the Scrubby Woods. There were a dozen local SWALLOWS over Migrant Alley, which briefly mixed with passage Swallows and HOUSE MARTINS, before the latter moved through. The final summer species noted were at least 2 YELLOW WAGTAILS, one flew over Migrant Alley, the other over the Tree Nursery.

MEADOW PIPITS featured strongly during the walk, their calls were continually heard as they passed over, other flyovers noted today were few, just a GREY HERON, and dozens of HERRING GULLS. The KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK were the only raptors that showed this morning, but a cheer went up from me as I added KINGFISHER (67) to the September list, one fortuitously flew under the wooden bridge that crosses the College Stream just as I passed over it   :-)

I took a few photo's of the common birds, as they showed well in the sunshine :-

This immature ROBIN was feeding at the Raspberry dump, it wont be long before he looks just like the Robin below  :-)
Adult Robin 
Immature Woodpigeon


Marc Heath said...

That raspberry dump has done you proud for a few photos this year Warren.

Warren Baker said...

It will be sorely missed!

Anonymous said...

Smart set of pics once again mate.

Pete Woodruff said...

We have an immature Robin daily in the garden Warren, a fearless little creature which I reckon we could get to fed out of the hand if we can get a bit more confidence from it.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Warren, I particularly liked the mature Robin and the Dunnock and the very smart Migrant Hawker on yesterday's post.

Rohrerbot said...

You should open an art gallery with all those amazing shots of birds and raspberries. I think you'd sell lots at those artsy faires:)

Jason K said...

Keep those raspberry shots coming Warren...I'm loving em!