Saturday, 1 September 2012

The start of a new month, September can bring a few exciting passage birds to my patch, and it was with this in mind that I expectantly set off at 06:30 this morning.

The first bird on the months list was a MAGPIE, quickly followed by JACKDAW, BLACKBIRD, SWALLOW, WREN, WOODPIGEON, BLUE TIT, and ROBIN all added as I walked the 100m along Ashes lane to the Greenhouse Complex, where a GREEN WOODPECKER flew off ahead of me, and flyovers from CARRION CROW and LESSER BLACKBACKED GULL were seen, the KESTREL perched on the Greenhouse rooves, and approaching the raspberry dump a WHITETHROAT gave some song, one of two there, and a CHIFFCHAFF called, only DUNNOCK was added to the list from the raspberry pile, and nearby, the thistle heads were already being plundered by GOLDFINCH'S.

Next I crossed Migrant Alley, adding both GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER and COLLARED DOVE to the notebook as they called from an adjacent large garden, only two more species were added to the day list from Migrant Alley, one being the ROOK, and the other being a Migrant Alley special, a WHEATEAR  :-)  I didn't have ny camera with me as it was dull and overcast, but I took these photo's of the same bird later this afternoon.
I was looking forward to adding a few species for the months list as I walked the College Grounds and Gardens, and it didn't let me down, GOLDCREST, SONGTHRUSH, TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH, COAL TIT, GREENFINCH, JAY, WILLOW WARBLER, LONG TAILED TIT and at last a CHAFFINCH were all found, as well as MOORHEN, MISTLE THRUSH, HOUSE SPARROW, and STOCK DOVE.

I headed back across Migrant Alley to the stubbles at the Pub Field, where all I added were 3 over species, they being GREY HERON, GREYLAG GOOSE, and STOCK DOVE similarly the Tree Nursery only added flyovers from PIED WAGTAIL, HERRING GULL and a SPARROWHAWK.

I headed home for a drink and snack, before walking around the Small Holding, Wet Woods and Scrubby Woods, with its adjacent lake, all of which turned out pretty disappointing, the only birds added to the months list were a MALLARD on one of the lakes (Just one!) and a few calling BULLFINCH from the Scrubby Woods, these took the mornings tally to 43.

I'd been out 4 hours, but thought i'd give the Greenhouses another look over, where I did eventually find a couple of LINNETS and a single BLACKCAP, 45 species for the morning was not so good, given the tallies recorded for the end of August  :-(

Around lunch time I went out to get some photo's of that Wheatear, and in doing so added three more fly over species to the months list, - a CORMORANT and a BUZZARD, then a flock of 20-30 HOUSE MARTINS, the last species added was a LITLE OWL that called from the Greenhouse Copse taking the months list to a more respectable 49.

After taking the Wheatear photo's I retired to my skywatching seat, where I soon became aware of a Blackcap/Lesser Whitethroat type ''tic tic tic, in the tall hedge beside me, I scanned the hedge, and had the briefest glimpse of a Warbler, with a very well patterned face, but it was making a harsh ''tchek' noise, this was not a Warbler i had ever come across before! Alas, despite walking the hedgerow and the Greenhouse Grounds behind it for over an hour, I couldn't find the bird, I did hear its distinctive call a couple more times though - One that got away I think - blast it!


Marcus Lawson said...

Hopefully the mystery warbler will give itself up tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you.

All the best

joanca bs said...

Hey, nice photos good job! I'm interessin in your opinion, can you visit my blog: thanks!

Warren Baker said...

My last day off tomorrow Marcus, It would be nice to find a patch tick :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Always frustrating - or worse - the 'one that got away'....still around tomorrow perhaps so keep on keeping at it Warren.

Marc Heath said...

Listen to some bird call CD's Warren, it's worked for me a few times.