Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I think we've all had this moment, when the Fox walks out from ahead of you
Things are still very 'Normal' out on my patch at the moment, my walks into and from work have been unproductive for passerine migrants as I cross Migrant Alley, and my afternoon walks have been fizzling out migrant wise too, with no more Whinchat, Wheatear or Yellow Wags being found for a while now.
However I always persevere, and i'm sure something will turn up to excite me before the migration season is out, that almost happened this afternoon, whilst I stood in an empty Tree Nursery I heard a totally unfamiliar call, a bit like a cross between a Littel Owl and a Jay, it was in flight and coming from behind the Greenhouses, I waited excitedly for it to appear, only to see it was a flaming Cockatiel! No wonder I didn't recognise the call :-)

The rest of the visit was much like yesterday, but only two raptor species were seen, SPARROWHAWK and KESTREL, good numbers of HOUSE MARTIN continue to pass through, and a few MEADOW PIPITS pass over from time to time, with the odd one dropping into the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley. The only warblers seen today were two CHIFFCHAFFS.

I was back home by 16:30hrs, so spent an hour or so in my shed hide, photographing the garden birds at the feeders, I got the NUTHATCH today, and was happier with these shots than the recent ones I took  :-)
Collared Dove


ShySongbird said...

When the 'fox moment' happens to me its reflexes are usually quicker than mine and by the time I've got the camera to it, it's disappearing.

They certainly are beautiful photos of the Nuthatch!

Marc Heath said...

The 'shed hide'! bet this has a nice sofa, drinks machine and heating. Nice shots of the Nuthatch.

Warren Baker said...

I reckon they must smell you :-) Now i'm not being rude, but I bet you use at least one product that's perfumed, to a fox that is like waving a big red flag in front of it :-)

Me......I just smell of old bits of wood and earth!

Warren Baker said...

you've put ideas into my head now - usually I have to text the wife for a drink to be brought up :-) :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent images again Warren, the Nuthatch especially so.

Mike H said...

Super nuthatch shots Warren, sooooo jealous that these come into your back garden!

Rohrerbot said...

That fox shot is amazing. You are so lucky to be of interest. We have them here but they are very very elusive. If I ever saw one, it would be like seeing a unicorn. I've seen only a couple jumping around in the grasses back in Wisconsin. Such a cool cirtter.

Christian said...

I love the fox Warren. Beautiful, sharp image with nice foliage composing the image.

Jason K said...

Things are fairly quiet at Shenstone too Warren but just remember the best birds often turn up in October! If you are gonna get a patch mega it will be then!

Anonymous said...

I`m like Jan in respect of not being quick enough for a Fox...but then again most of em i see are always walking away from me.

Stringer said...

Cracking nuthatch images, fantastic ! That would be a patch tick for me.... Please send it up here !