Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not a lot to hit the notebook as I walked into work this morning, just a MEADOW PIPIT that flew over Migrant Alley calling, 3 more flew over as I walked through Migrant Alley on the way back home, and another pair of WHEATEAR were on the fence line.

I didn't have too much time this afternoon, and after lunch spent 90 minutes over at Migrant Alley, mainly to try and photograph the Wheatear, but they stubbornly stayed feeding out on the paddock, out of range of the camera  :-(

A mixed flock of at least 25 GOLDFINCH and LINNET were also feeding on the rougher areas of the paddocks, and a small gathering of 13 STARLINGS was the first flock seen here this Autumn, nothing on the hundreds that used to gather here at this time of year though, maybe it's the distinct lack of craneflies this year that's forcing them to feed elsewhere.

Fly overs were few today, just HERRING GULLS moving to and from local farmed fields, as well as several small groups of HOUSE MARTINS and SWALLOWS that filled the air one moment then were gone the next.

I spent 20 minutes around the Greenhouse Grounds, where the only warblers present were that of a single BLACKCAP ( probably the bird photographed yesterday) and a pair of CHIFFCHAFF feeding at the Raspberry dump, a KESTREL was seen perched up on the Greenhouse Rooves, and a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS were about it for this afternoon.

Once again the only photo opportunity was at the Raspberry dump, where the Chiffchaffs posed nicely - yes more Chiffchaff photo's!
As I'm posting Chiffy photo's I may as well put up the last two from my ''blog folder' these were taken last Saturday morning at the College Grounds.


Marc Heath said...

Nice shots and poses Warren. We will all be moaning when they are all gone soon.

ShySongbird said...

You've been doing well lately for nice close photos of Chiffchaffs Warren.

Lovely photos of the very unkempt looking Blackcap on the previous post too :-)

Rohrerbot said...

Love the face on the Chiffchaff on the last shot:) Cute little birds.

Anonymous said...

Love the last pic Warren.