Sunday, 7 April 2013

At last some decent spring weather, nice that it coincides with my 50th birthday  :-)
After a cold and frosty dawn, the morning soon warmed up once the sun got going, making for an enjoyable full patch visit, which with a few lengthy sky watches thrown in, took up most of the morning and early afternoon - 8 hours in all  :-)

Not surprising then that a very good species tally of 52 was reached, the only real omission to that total that could have anticipated today were the Bullfinch, and the Greylag goose.

Three new species were added to the April list, the first of those being a KINGFISHER (57) that was seen flying across the main lake, which also had the GOOSANDER still there, as well as 8 CANADA GEESE a GREY HERON and the COOT, there was no Greylag Goose at the nest site today however. As I moved from the lakes, the familiar call of the feral BARNACLE GOOSE (58) was heard, and I watched it alight with the Canada Geese already on the water.

Much of the visit was as yesterday, i'm still finding plenty of winter species, with 60 - 80 FIELDFARE on the Sheep pasture between the Wet Woods and Tree Nursery, with those were 5 REDWING. SISKIN and MEADOW PIPIT were continually heard going over and a nice flock of 7 CORMORANT was also witnessed flying N, a good number for here.
7 Cormorant
Five Gull species were seen on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, 28 of those were BLACK HEADED, 4 were HERRING, 2 were MEDITERRANEAN and there was one each of COMMON and LESSER BLACK BACKED.
Mediterranean Gull pair, with Black Headed Gull
A few WOODPIGEONS, JACKDAWS, STARLINGS and ROOKS made up the bird life on the sheep pasture and paddocks, but later whilst on a sky watch, I saw a CHIFFCHAFF move through the hedgerow behind my sitting position, - that's the hedgerow above, behind the lamb  :-)
The first LINNET (59) of April was seen in the ruins of the Tree Nursery, it was singing away, but there will be no territory for it use there this year  :-(

SPARROWHAWK, KESTREL and many BUZZARD sightings were had on my 3 separate sky watching sessions, but as yet no Swallows or Martins have be found.
Kestrel, on the Greenhouse Roof


Marc Heath said...

Happy Birthday mate. Nice to be out birding in this weather I bet. What a difference it makes.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc,
Fantastic spring day :-)

Grant Demar said...

Many Happy returns.Only 50 and already retired, some people have a cushy life??? Perhaps today was a good weather omen for the rest of Spring/Summer.Amazing the overlap of Winter/summer species I wonder how long they are going to stay- at least it helps the daily tallies!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Grant,
Thanks mate :-)
I hope your right about this weather being a good omen for spring/summer. We are due a good one :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Warren.

Another set of great pics.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Deano,
Some good light always helps with the images :-)

Flutters next week ?

ShySongbird said...

MANY, MANY HAPPY RETURNS WARREN :-) You'll have to imagine the balloons and the champagne bottle I would put on here if I could. Here's to the next fifty!

The Kestrel photos are really beautiful.

I went less than five miles up the road this afternoon and found steeply drifted snow either side of the road and in the woodland where I was hoping to find Violets the snow was getting on for 30 cetimetres deep!!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Happy birthday Warren - and crikey so young still!

And a few birthday new monthly species too - a good day all round



Warren Baker said...

Thank you Songbird,
Big hug to you....ooops getting a bit too familiar, must be this bottle of red i'm working my way through :-)

Sounds like that snow will keep things on hold for a few more days yet Songbird, soon be gone though :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Davyman,
Is fifty young ? I suppose it is as I dont feel old!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Warren and I'm glad the weather has finally improved in your neck of the woods :-) I've just been enjoying a look back through your recent posts and it was amazing to see the snow you had the other day !

Love the Kestrel shots from today and you are very lucky to have those long staying Mediterranean Gulls on your patch :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

I love Med Gulls, they're so smart.

The Kestrel images are brilliant, my favourite being the top one.


Mike H said...

Happy Birthday Warren 50 not out ! not a bad score. Great Kes shots amazing what a difference a bit of sun can do , oh and a bottle of red !

Alan Pavey said...

Belated Happy Birthday Mate, hope you had a great day.