Friday, 5 April 2013

With the strong, cold NE wind still blowing, and rain sleet and snow falling, I didn't bother visiting my patch today, well, that is apart from a very brief look over the ploughed Pub Field, where 16 FIELDFARE a REDWING and three STOCK DOVES were feeding. A COMMON BUZZARD flew low over whilst I was there, and on the way back home a SPARROWHAWK and KESTREL were noted, but that was it for today.

It seems though, at long last, the weather is on the change, tomorrow temperatures are going to soar to 9C  :-)  that's 3 times what it was today, and will feel positively tropical without that NE wind! So normal service will be resumed with a full patch walk first thing. I doubt much will arrive in the form of migrant birds just yet, but Sunday may be well worth a long sky watch over on my seat at Migrant Alley, might just get a Swallow or Sand Martin  :-)

Here's a few  'through the double glazing'  garden bird photo's just to brighten the page  :-)
SONGTHRUSH - Shame I chopped it's feet off!!


Alan Pavey said...

Roll on tomorrow then Warren, I had double figures of Fieldfare and Redwing today.

Warren Baker said...

Welcome back to the freezer :-)

Never had as many Fieldfare and Redwing this late in the spring before.

Steve Tomlinson said...

Great Pictures again Warren well done, If I get another Red Kite on the patch I will try my best to send it your way.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Who's your window cleaner Warren? For through the double glazing those pics are pretty darn crisp



Pete Woodruff said...

Might be some things happening this weekend Warren.

The 'through the double glazing' pics certainly did brighten things up, just look at those fantastic arrowheads on that brilliant Song Thrush.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
We didn't miss the wind and chill , it was just a bit less than recent days .

ShySongbird said...

You do get some great through the window shots Warren. What a beauty the thrush is, feet or no feet.