Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I visited most parts of my patch this morning, the weather was as it has been for weeks now, frosty and cold with a biting wind, so little in the way of spring migrants were expected - and indeed, little were found, but a good overall tally of species were recorded, 51 in all, so it was worth the effort  :-)

I added a few more species to the April list, the first being a flyover YELLOWHAMMER (47), heard as I counted the BLACK HEADED GULLS at Migrant Alley, of which there were 287, with those were 4 COMMON GULLS, 2 MEDITERRANEAN GULLS, 3 HERRING GULLS and a surprising total of 11 LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS, Generally April sees a rapid decline in Gull activity on my patch, but this is an exceptional spring weatherwise.

Another species for the April list was the CHIFFCHAFF (48) , I relocated the bird found at the College Grounds on 29th March, it was feeding on the top of water weed on one of the ponds, along with a WREN, just goes to show how few insects are about at the moment.

This Wren was also feeding around the water weed, I wonder if the Chiffchaff was copying it ?
A COMMON BUZZARD (49) was twice seen drifting over the Wet Woods during the 4 hour visit, probably involving the same bird, it was the first raptor of the month though, it was joined soon enough by both KESTREL (50) and SPARROWHAWK (51) they hunted over the Tree Nursery.

The last new species for the April list this morning was the GREY HERON (53), one was seen at the lakes, where the GOOSANDER were still fishing, these were not the only 'winter' birds seen this morning, as I am still seeing plenty of FIELDFARE, along with a few REDWING, SISKIN and the odd flyover MEADOW PIPIT.

Later this afternoon, a NUTHATCH (54) was seen at my garden feeders, they have been missed out on my patch over the last few visits, but they do get a bit secretive when breeding  :-)

My last photo is of a DUNNOCK, singing in the early morning light, one of the few birds to be heard singing this morning.
BLIMEY!!! Almost forgot to mention, I had my first Chiffchaff in song today, a second bird was in the Scrubby Woods  :-)


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Two chiffchaffs - spring must surely have sprung for you know - Sunday could be good some southerlies may appear but it's early days for weather forecasting the weekend.



Anonymous said...

Some warmer weather on the way next week...with westerlies forecast. But we will pay for it with it being unsettled (in other words...RAIN)!!

ShySongbird said...

Well done with the singing Chiffchaff Warren, that is good news :-)

Lovely pics again and I meant to say yesterday how much I like the new header photo.

Warren Baker said...

I hope so mate, i'm fed up with freezing my bits off!

Warren Baker said...

Its gonna have to get wet before it gets warmer, I agree :-(

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Songbird,
Maybe I'm a bit optimistic with the Swallows !

Stephen Mills said...

Some great pics Warren. Still haven't heard a Chiffchaff singing on my patch!