Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Only 90 minutes was spent out early this morning, when it was miserably dull and wet, a steady rain fell as I visited the Lakes, but it was a visit of interest despite its short duration. As I passed through the Wet Woods on the way to the lakes I saw a MALLARD family, at least 4 new hatched young were seen, to tell you the truth I didn't find them, they were found for me by a Fox that was making the parents very agitated and audible   :-)  The pittswood 'Successfully breeding bird list' kicks off.

On the lakes it was down to just a few CANADA GEESE, but pleasingly for me I also saw the COOT with two young, I followed them in my bins and they led me to the nest where the female bird was sitting, so there are probably more young there, nice to confirm the Coots are breeding here for the second year   :-) Last year I recorded the first young on the 21st April, so despite this cold and dire spring they have bred a bit earlier.

I returned home wet through and fed up, but after my hat and coat had dried out, I made a trip around Migrant Alley, alas I needn't have made the effort, nothing of note was seen, certainly not any spring migrants, some of this was due to the thick smoke drifting over from the Tree Nursery where all the uprooted trees and shrubs were being burned, it will take days to burn 30 acres of that!

Another poor spring day then, I should be out until dusk at this time of year!!  :-(  There aren't even any butterflies to chase about! This time last year I had already recorded 8 species!

This afternoon I holed up in my study and pointed the camera out at the garden feeders, the light was very poor, but I got some ok photo's once i'd racked up the ISO to 1000! 
Male Siskin
And another female


Marc Heath said...

Nice to see Siskins still around. The first Reculver Swallow went through today but I was at home. Maybe tomorrow.

Warren Baker said...

I need to have a good long sky watch marc,
Maybe if its dry tomorrow morning i'll have a go at finding my first swallow :-)

Anonymous said...

Good news regards the Coots breeding again, Warren.
Thankfully it was dry up here. But rain`s forecast from tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

You are having a dreadful run of weather at the moment aren't you Warren. It looks set to become warmer by the weekend so surely things can only improve.

Interesting to hear that the Coots have young already and considering the gloomy light you managed to get a nice selection of garden bird photos :-)

Alan Pavey said...
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Alan Pavey said...

Coots breeding is great, I think Mink put paid to any chance of that here, oh and maybe 10's of thousands of visitors might do it too :-)

Alan Pavey said...
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Warren Baker said...

Hi David,
It really is terrible for spending any amount of time out, and there's not alot happening when I get out!

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Alan,
Got your message the first time :-)

ShySongbird said...

Good news on the Coots and Mallards Warren. Let's hope the Fox leaves them alone! Lovely photos from the window again and it's nice that the Siskins are still with you.