Saturday, 6 April 2013

It felt good to get out at first light this morning, although it was cold and frosty the dreaded wind had for the most part dropped out, although it was still chilly across the exposed fields.

Fifty bird species were recorded in the 4 and a half hour full patch walk, but not a single summer migrant was amongst them - maybe tomorrow ?  Instead it was a case of recording the remaining winter species, of which quite a few still remain, at least 45 FIELDFARE and 6 REDWING were on the sheep pasture between the Tree Nursery and Wet Woods, whilst a few overflying SISKIN were heard to call. I was surprised to see that the GOOSANDER pair were still on the main lake, they are by far the latest ever recorded here. Also on the water today were 14 CANADA GEESE, a pair of MALLARD, 6 MOORHEN, and a pair of GREYLAG GEESE which have followed the idea of one of the Canada Geese pair and built a nest on one of the small islands, the COOT nest, if it is here at all, has yet to produce young, but its very early yet, last year the first young were noted on the 21st April.  :-)

The MANDARIN DUCK (55) pair were re-located in the Wet Woods for the first time this month, although I didn't expect to find them 50 foot up an Oak tree ! The only other addition to the April list was a LITTLE OWL (56) that was heard calling from the Small Holding.

Over at Migrant Alley, which remains migrant-less thus far, the BLACK HEADED GULLS were seen again, just 30-40 birds remain, they were joined by HERRING, LESSER BLACK BACKED and COMMON GULLS, as well as a few more Fieldfare, around 50 STARLINGS and 40 ROOKS.

I spent 45 minutes skywatching at the end of my walk, in some warmish sunshine and a chilly breeze, but the hoped for swallow or Sand Martin wasn't forthcoming, however it was evident that a movement of finches and MEADOW PIPITS was occurring, four groups of at least 30 birds passed well to south of my patch, could of been Finches or Pipits, but a few of both species did pass over my position. Also seen in the sky as i sat there, were KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK, COMMON BUZZARD, GREY HERON and CORMORANT.

A two hour skywatch from 13:30hrs produced nothing new for the day, but boy did that sun feel nice!
Common Buzzard
Common Buzzard
Long Tailed Tit


Anonymous said...

Quite warm up here today Warren. So much so that i saw my first flutter (Peacock) of the year. Unfortunately it wasn`t in my garden. Saw it when taking a teabreak while putting some wallpaper up for a friend of ours.

Marc Heath said...

Not been out today and probably the best say as well. Hopefully out tomorrow. Would like to find a butterfly.

Warren Baker said...

This is it then Deano,
Spring is here! :-)

Warren Baker said...

I think there be more chance of a few Migrants tomorrow. I hope so anyway :-)

Phil said...

What a difference a ray makes Warren. Let's hope this is the start of better weather.
Haven't forgotten the visit, been really busy at the new house and the weather has just been dire. Will e mail you in the near future to arrange a day to meet some of your migrants:-)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Phil,
I just hope they oblige for you :-)

ShySongbird said...

Love the LTT photo Warren. Mandarin Ducks up an Oak tree just doesn't sound right :-)

Chris said...

Looks like we will never have a nice weather at the same time. After a week of summer, we are back to 2 degrees temps, but it is nice to share sometime and i'm happy you could enjoy some sun. I love the long tailed tit picture.