Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Endless rain kept me off patch for most of the day today, I dont mind a bit of rain, but today was just awful!

A clearance in the weather was forecast, but this didn't happen until almost 15:00hrs, however, it left me enough time for a quick walk around the Ashes Lane field and Pub Field, then a stroll back up Ashes lane. The short 40 minute visit proved worthwhile though, as I saw 8 LAPWING (61) fly from the Pub Field, a very fortuitous find, the first new addition to the November list since the 12th. Not much else of note was seen, a couple of MEADOW PIPITS flew over, and the female KESTREL was sitting on a telephone pole along Ashes Lane.

Tomorrow doesn't look particularly promising, more rain forecast, and ive got to be back home from any patch visit by 10:00hrs  :-(

Here's the last of the photo's from my 'blog folder' I took these yesterday afternoon from my garden.


Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent garden pics again Warren. I know you already know this kind of stuff but I estimated something like 5,000 Lapwing on the Lune Estuary recently, nothing new in that either here.

Warren Baker said...

5,000 Lapwings Pete, now that would be some sight :-)

Marc Heath said...

I so much bloody hate this dark stuff. I just can't get out. Feeling very bird depressed at the moment.

Warren Baker said...

I was like a caged animal today, at least I got out for a few minutes in the end.

Only a month to go until the nights begin to draw out again :-)

Dean Stables said...

We had rain yesterday morning...then heavy snow in the evening...then back to rain this morning :-(

Warren Baker said...

Crap innit Dean!! :-)