Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I decided to do a full patch walk this morning, as the weather had settled down.The clear overnight conditions gave a touch of mist and frost first thing, with some good sunny spells developing as the morning went on.
Early sunshine at the Small Holding
The Small holding was visited first off, but for such a nice, sunny, still morning there was little about, a few CHAFFINCH, BLACKBIRD, WREN, ROBIN, GREAT and BLUE TIT, plus a GREEN WOODPECKER were about it.
Albino Squirrel in the Wet Woods
Apart form the above albino Squirrel, there was not much to be found in the Wet Woods, it is a dark, cold and damp place at most times of year, but particularly so in November, a few more Blue and Great Tit were heard, and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER was seen, plus a MOORHEN called from the tangle of branches covering the pools of water, no sign of the hoped for Teal though.

I reached the Lakes and Scrubby Woods, finding the MUTE SWANS and KINGFISHER on the Ornamental Lake, along with 6 MALLARD and a few Moorhens. Just More Mallard and Moorhen were on the other two water bodies, but a GREY HERON dropped in whilst I was there.
Mute Swan
A check of the surrounding bankside vegetation, and the adjacent Scrubby Woods was made, where not all of the resident woodland species were found,Treecreeper and Long Tailed Tit were missing today, but good views of COAL TIT, GOLDCREST and NUTHATCH were had, only glimpses of BULLFINCH were had though. At least two LESSER REDPOLL were heard to call as they flew over and the MISTLETHRUSH was singing again, much louder than on previous visits.

I walked the Ashes Lane Field, the Pub Field, Migrant Alley and the Greenhouse Grounds with its associated copse, and was a bit disappointed with the lack of birds. A LITTLE OWL was on the old shack at the Ashes lane Field, 18 BLACK HEADED GULL were on the Pub Field, and Migrant Alley was only good for a few overflying SKYLARK, MEADOW PIPIT and HERRING GULLS. Only the female KESTREL was seen at the Greenhouse Grounds, the male probably off patch hunting today, a small flock of 15-20 GOLDFINCH were seen in the Alder trees, but apart from that it was down to finding DUNNOCKS, more Wrens and Robins, a couple of PIED WAGTAILS, 4 GREENFINCH, a SONGTHRUSH and a couple of JAYS.
Robin at the Greenhouse Grounds
With just 39 species recorded, it was not quite as good as I thought it would be, given the lovely weather today. At least I managed to get a few more images of the garden birds at my feeders this afternoon, they will brighten future posts!
Here's couple of last nights sunset images - bonus photo's  :-)
Tuesdays Sunset
Quite spectacular, I really needed to use wide angle lens to get the full effect


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Now that's what I call Sky!!!!

Superb and all for free



Ken. said...

Those pics of last nights sky are brilliant, she look like a blazing fire.
It may now have been a good day total wise, but at least the weather was on your side.
Not very ofter a albino creature is seen, nice to see what a squirrel albino looks like.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Davyman,
I wish I'd have made the effort to change to a wider angle lens though!

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Ken,
It was indeed good just to be out in the sunshine today.

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful animals and the skies, burning hot, Thanks Warren.

Alan Pavey said...

Great pics Mate :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Warren.
BTW - i actually got out yesterday and went for a stroll around my old patch. Not a very productive outing, tho !!

Warren Baker said...

I wonder if that Water Rail is still about, by Morrisons pond wasn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Didn`t hear it, Warren. In fact i didn`t hear or see much at all.