Wednesday, 6 November 2013

This is about as good as it got today, and that was late on in the afternoon :-(
I spent barely an hour out this morning, in some more very wet and dark conditions, the rain hung about for most of the day, and no further patch visit was made.

In the hour I was out I made a trip over to the lakes, where I found the MANDARIN DUCKS had returned, 2 pairs were hiding under the tree overhang, the KINGFISHER and CORMORANT kept up their daily sighting, and 16 MALLARD plus 5 MOORHEN made up the rest of the water life.

At least 6 BULLFINCH were seen in the surrounding scrubby areas, and 3 LESSER REDPOLL called as they went over, but I was soon wet and fed up, so headed of home  :-(

A lot of the day was spent watching my garden feeders, where, including many visits from the SPARROWHAWK, 19 species came to feed, the best being the GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, two NUTHATCH, two COAL TIT, and flock of at least 13 LONG TAILED TITS. I was surprised that not a single Blackbird was seen, ive not seen one in the garden since late October now .

I tried to get some photo's of the garden birds, but as you can see, the results were not the best, the light is just so poor now.
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

19 species came to feed... In a day!!!! Dint get that many in a year here



Marc Heath said...

At least you can fit some birding in at the moment, be thankful for that. No time for birding at this time of the year, just hope the weekends will be sunny from now on.

Our photos said...

Beautiful photos!
See you, RW & SK