Thursday, 14 November 2013

I spent 3 hours out on my patch this morning, a cool NW wind blew, but it was dry with a few sunny spells appearing occasionally.

A rather low tally of 37 species was found, the MUTE SWAN pair and the KINGFISHER remain at the Ornamental Lake, hopefully they will remain over winter, six MALLARD and 4 MOORHEN were with them, the other two Lakes had just 4 Mallard between them.
View over the Main Lake, empty as is usually the case!
Yesterdays missing woodland species, the LONG TAILED TIT and TREECREEPER were both seen in the Scrubby Woods today, the latter giving some song, but the Coal Tit and Nuthatch were not seen today. A pair of LESSER REDPOLL dropped into an Alder tree by the Lakeside, and four SISKINS did likewise a few minutes later. At least 6 BULLFINCH were seen, plus 4 GOLDCRESTS, all watched while listening to the sound of the singing MISTELTHRUSH.

A lone CORMORANT flew over as I crossed the Ashes lane Field to get to the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, the LITTLE OWL was again observed in the old shack, but it was very hard going to find much more of note, a few SKYLARKS called as they went over, BLACK HEADED and HERRING GULLS were moving from paddock to pasture, and a SPARROWHAWK whizzed past. I counted 19 REDWING flying through, not stopping, as there are no berries on the hedges here, even as I watched the Redwings I could here the hedgerow along ashes Lane being smashed to bits by the tractors flail.

For the first time this month there was no sign of the Kestrel pair, I suspect they are just off patch hunting. The months list has stalled a bit now, but the likes of Yellowhammer, Common Gull or Lapwing might still turn up yet, more likely just flying over, but still welcome additions none-the-less   ;-)

Not too much for the camera today these Fly Agaric Toadstools looked interesting on the floor of the Wet Woods
Unusual to see them in such good condition
Normally they are eaten before they even open out fully
There were two COAL TITS at my garden feeders when I got home
Coal Tit
Also, no less than 3 NUTHATCH were taking the sunflower hearts
So its no wonder I couldn't find these two species over in the scrubby Woods!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Shame that lake doesn't produce more , it looks a nice bit of habitat .
Like the 'Pixie toadstools' .

Phil said...

Great Fly Agarics Warren, I can never find them in a decent condition.

Warren Baker said...

The lake needs a bit of management, a few Phragmites reeds and a bit of water weed, with fewer big fish would change it for the better :-)

Warren Baker said...

I know what you mean, I think the squirrels eat them all, no wonder they turn white! :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Great shots again Mate, I struggle to get Coal Tit.

Anonymous said...

Fly Agarics, along with many other fungi species are late this year, Warren.
Great set of pics as always.

Anonymous said...

Fly Agarics, along with many other fungi species are late this year, Warren.
Great set of pics as always.