Wednesday, 29 January 2014

After overnight rain, it then rained for all of today, not particularly heavy rain, but a steady miserable rain that just added to my already waterlogged and flooded patch  :-(

It wasn't until after noon that I finally got out, but it was more to get some fresh air than to do much in the way of birding, it was thoroughly miserable out there!

I was only out for an hour, and just walked over to the lakes and back, via the Ashes lane Field, where I saw the female KESTREL hunting, a couple of MEADOW PIPITS were also of note on the weedier part of the field.

As I arrived at the lakes I had my fingers crossed that my first Grey Heron of 2014 would at last be seen, but it wasn't to be, however there were 4 GOOSANDER on the main lake, one of those a striking looking male, very nice  :-)  The pair of COOTS and the pair of MUTE SWANS were on the ornamental lake, and the KINGFISHER flew from one lake to the next, a CORMORANT sat at the top of a bankside tree, while MALLARDS and MOORHENS made up what was seen on the water bodies.

I headed of home again, wet and muddy....again......will it ever stop raining for gods sake!!  No looks to be the answer to that question, with the last 2 days of January looking to have more rain arriving  :-( 

Certainly no photo's today!


Jason K said...

It's similar conditions here mate at the mo! I think you could say it's Wetter than an Otter's pocket!

Gordon said...

I know just how you feel mate,you can't go anywhere without being ankle deep in mud, and very little to see for the trouble.
All the best Gordon.

Warren Baker said...

That about sums it up mate :-)

Warren Baker said...

Looks like we're in for a few more days of it at least!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Who's gonna be first to get trench foot?



Warren Baker said...

I think ive got it already!

Alan Pavey said...

I'm almost looking forward to just being cold and scraping ice in the morning..... i think :-)