Monday, 6 January 2014

Ashes lane flooded.....again!
A two hour patch visit this morning was an uneventful affair, apart that is from the howling wind and frequent showers, a couple of which were particularly heavy and blustery.

A walk over to the lakes was pretty quiet, on the way a KESTREL was seen on a telephone pole along Ashes Lane, and as I crossed the Ashes Lane Field I watched at least 500 WOODPIGEON fly from the Wet Woods. Afew BLACK HEADED and HERRING GULLS whizzed over on the wind.

Some of the Woodpigeons seen early in my walk today
On the lakes quite a selection of bird species were seen, with MUTE SWAN, MANDARIN, COOT, KINGFISHER, CORMORANT, CANADA GOOSE and two female GOOSANDER all being found, along with the more usual MALLARD and MOORHENS.

Singing from TREECREEPER, ROBIN, MISTLETHRUSH, SONGTHRUSH, WREN and DUNNOCK came from the Scrubby Woods, all sounding very springlike. A walk through the Wet Woods provided me with good views of LONG TAIL TIT and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, but not the hoped for Teal in amongst the well flooded, tree tangled pools of water there. The Woodland floor is starting to show the first signs of new life, with the Bluebells pushing though the leaf litter, they are already at the stage not reached until late March last year! Looks like we are in for an early spring, which, with perhaps some calmer weather, cant come early enough for me!

Around Midday the sun was shining, so I took the chance to try and get some photo's of the garden birds, I started off quite well, but before long the SPARROWHAWK showed up, planting itself in the large leylandi tree at the bottom of my garden lying in wait to ambush something, most of the birds always know its there, and the garden stays empty, but for some reason today a NUTHATCH didn't take heed, and was snatched from the tube feeder, that really pissed me off! Ive now removed the tube feeders and am using old logs and tray feeders to hold the seed, the tube feeders make it far to easy for the sprawk, too little too late I think, one less Nuthatch on my patch, and I only had two pairs  :-(

I only got these two photo's in the end.
Long Tailed Tit




Marc Heath said...

I know the feeling Warren, I had these issues last year. I will have to look what I did to sort it, involved ticking a few boxes etc.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd day you`ve not add anything to the year list, Warren. Roll on some proper winter weather !!

Warren Baker said...

I'd appreciate some help, had a look behind the scenes of blogger but cant find anything to sort the issue :-(

Warren Baker said...

You're right might, we need a change of wind direction !

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren, I'm on the verge of self destruction....HELP!!

Kelly said...

...yikes...sorry about the nuthatch. (If I could send you our winter weather I would. We are below zero F here.) On my screen, your photos look wonderful...not grainy at all.

Wilma said...

Are you using Google+ to upload photos? Steve Borichevsky at Shooting my Universe had some good pointers not too long ago about how to keep the changes from happening.

Warren Baker said...

Wilma, I'll check that site out - thanks :-)

Warren Baker said...

Just a little piece of winter will do, nothing too severe!

Warren Baker said...

Doing all I can to keep myself sane, looks slightly better for the end of the week?