Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Another mornings patch visit was aborted today, I went out, but was back within the hour as dense fog made it pointless to stay out, even the MUTE SWANS on the lake were only just discernible, the fog limiting viewing to just 30m at times. It wasn't too cold out, but it was one of those damp chilly mornings that gets right through to your bones :-(  What a poor winter this is turning out to be !!

Back at home I did a few household chores, and also did some light work around my small garden ponds, clearing out some of the rotting leaves so as not to lose all the oxygen from the water. Whilst in the garden many Tit species were whizzing to and fro, not really caring if I was there or not, I also watched 4 ROBINS, they all thrust out there big red breasts at each other ( that doesn't sound right does it!!) bobbing and weaving in threat display.

At times the fog looked like lifting, prompting me to point the camera out of the window, but any brightness didn't last more than a few minutes, and the fog didn't lift till gone 15:00hrs.

I took some interesting, if not very sharp photo's, not much can be done in that kind of light.
Coal Tit, reaching its destination  :-)
I love the way this LONG TAILED TIT is hanging on by one leg  :-)
Gripping a lump of fat with the other leg, shame it was so dull out there
Around 15:30hrs, a burst of sunlight broke through the murk, and almost immediately the SPARROWHAWK flashed through the garden, I had only just re instated the tube feeders on Sunday, as the Sprawk hasn't been seen for a while, how does it know I had put them back up! Anyway I watched it chase and miss the hoard of Tits, then alight on the fence, I took some ''Through the double glazing shots'' so the images are a bit soft, but interesting anyway  :-)
Pesky Sprawk!
I added a bit of positive exposure on this shot, as it was against the light.


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Interesting behaviour from the Lottie - never seen that before!
Nice shot of the sprawk too.



Warren Baker said...

Hi Davyman,
Just hope I dont see the Sprawk holding a Long tailed tit tomorrow!!

Marc Heath said...

Some lovely light on those Sparrowhawks Warren, a nice sight for you....... but not the garden birds.