Thursday, 30 January 2014

It rained all day again today, so just another short mid morning patch visit was had, only 90 minutes was spent out, but it was enough to get me soaked and muddy  :-(

With such a short visit there wasn't much recorded, I watched the male and female KESTREL up hunting around the Greenhouse Grounds, the female caught a small rodent and stashed it away for a later meal. It was good to see a PEREGRINE once again, what looked to be a female bird flew over the Ashes lane Field as I headed for the lakes.

At the lakes, yesterdays 4 GOOSANDER were seen again, they were with a CORMORANT and a few MALLARDS. The COOT pair also remain, as do the MUTE SWANS plus the KINGFISHER, the MOORHENS were the only other birds on the water.

Squelching my way back home, I noted at least 30 HERRING GULLS fly over, I scanned them as they went, hoping to add Common Gull to the year list, there wasn't one among them though. Looks like there may be a short window of dry weather early tomorrow morning, before yet more rain and wind move in, hopefully I can use it to get a decent amount of time out for the last day of the month.

I spent some time watching my garden feeders this afternoon, and was pleased to see not only a LESSER REDPOLL among the 17 species I recorded, but also the first SISKIN of 2014 to come into my garden, the 25th species to do so this year, at least my garden list is still ticking over !
Garden Siskin ( photo from last year, I'm getting desperate for photo's now!!)
 Around 16:00hrs, a brief sunny spell broke through, for about two minutes, that didn't mean it stopped raining though!!!
Sunny spell..............and rain  ;-(


Marc Heath said...

I have come to the end to describe the weather I think, it's just ****. At least those feeders seem to be delivering the goods.

Jason K said...

Marc...saying that the weather is **** is an understatement mate! Its F**king S**t at best!

P.s great Siskin shot Warren...not had any on my garden feeders this winter

Warren Baker said...

I know what you mean, I have run out of adjectives to describe the state of my patch!

Warren Baker said...

Ive not known such a wet winter in all my 50 years :-(

Alan Pavey said...

Despite that last pic showing rain, I really like it :-)