Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A morning of blustery showers and short lived sunny spells saw an end for adding bird species to the May list, hopefully only temporarily, as there are still a few migrant species that might turn up, but its getting less likely as each day passes now.

The early part of my walk around the Pub Field, Ashes lane Field, Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley provided me with some good exercise, but not much else! Three COMMON WHITETHROAT territories are now evident, each with a singing male, the LESSER WHITETHROAT also gave a brief burst of song, plus three BLACKCAPS and 3 CHIFFCHAFFS were singing on territory. SWALLOWS made up the rest of the breeding summer birds here, at least 5 pairs were feeding among the sheep at Migrant Alley. Two passage SWIFTS went over, the only other flyovers concerned a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, two HERRING GULLS and a GREY HERON, no raptors were seen at all today, but the LITTLE OWL was seen on the old shack again  :-)

The Scrubby Woods and lakes provided me with some cheer, as I at last saw the COOT had now fledged their young, 4 newly fledged red headed little Cootlets were being fed by both parents, who were bravely defending them against the MUTE SWAN, their eggs should hatch very soon now too.

The TAWNY OWL was again hooting repeatedly from its roost in the Scrubby Woods, and a CUCKOO called as it flew over. As the morning warmed up a bit, I began looking for Dragons and Damsels, only one Azure Damsel was seen, but I again found a couple of Beautiful Demoiselles, and also my first Broad Bodied Chaser of the spring. A Red Admiral Butterfly was the first this month, bring the May butterfly list to 11 species.

Here's a selection of Odonata images taken this morning and yesterday, i'll post a few more tomorrow, as the weather looks to be pretty dire then, not good for camera work anyway!
Immature Broad Bodied Chaser
Beautiful Demoiselle
They always seem to alight with some piece of vegetation in the way of them!
Azure Blue Damselfly


Marc Heath said...

Nice dragons Warren. Had my first Scarce Chaser tonight, seems very early for them, shots later I hope.

Warren Baker said...

Never seen a scarce chaser Marc - looking at tomorrows weather everything will be scarce!

Ken. said...

Lovely odonata photo's. Those young Coots are enough to make anyone smile with their nice red hairstyles. I wonder how many of them will make it to adulthood?

Alan Pavey said...

Nice pics again Mate, I still have 5 'common' migrants to see on the patch, who knows how many I'll get?

Ken. said...

Tuesday 6th.
Just been reading you blog for that day, you sound disappointed with the Sprawk shots through the glass, they look great to me, and others will probably agree with me, I would be over the moon to get a pic half that good.
Also where are going to in Wales?

Warren Baker said...

The past two years have seen the Coots bring up two then three young successfully.

As for Wales I'm off to Mid wales, i'll be doing the classic places along the way, like Gigrin and gilfach :-)

Warren Baker said...

Alan, things seem a bit behind this year on the Migrant front, especially for us with only ''secondary'' habitat for the migrant species!