Monday, 5 May 2014

I only had a couple of hours out on my patch this morning, where it was again cool, but sunny, very few birds were singing at 06:15 when I got out, but one I did hear was he CUCKOO, which briefly ventured over the Scrubby Woods before moving back to the south of my patch.

The search for a Garden Warbler or Turtle Dove in the Scrubby Woods goes on, unsuccessfully, the only summer birds heard there were the the CHIFFCHAFFS and BLACKCAPS.
Blackcap in the Scrubby Woods
There was nothing to get excited about on the lakes today, I dont really expect anything to visit them at this time of year though if i'm honest. The wait for the MUTE SWANS to hatch out there young on the ornamental lake continues, and a good scan of the margins of that lake for any COOT young didn't turn up any.

The caravans and tents are still over on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, so no circuit of the fields was had, hopefully they will all have moved off by tomorrow. Whilst at the Greenhouse Grounds listening to the COMMON WHITETHROATS, a GREY HERON (58) flew over, keeping the May list just about creeping along, another YELLOW WAGTAIL also flew over, cheering me up a bit  :-) The only other summer birds seen though were the SWALLOWS. The male KESTREL was back hunting around the Greenhouses, after not being seen yesterday.
This SONGTHRUSH was singing loudly at the Greenhouse Grounds
At 09:00hrs I headed home, and a short while later headed off out to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve. I wanted to try and find some Damselflies and maybe get some images of the Garden Warblers that are there, just to remind myself what they look and sound like!

I didn't find a single Damselfly at all, but had better luck with the Garden warblers, although my only photo effort was against the light and had sticks in the way - as is usually the case  :-)
Oh yea, that's what Garden warblers look like!
Whilst down at the waters edge looking for Damselflies, I took a few images of the young Canada Geese and Moorhens
They didn't stay still for long!
This one was inspecting the Daisies
Whist its siblings dozed off
The young MOORHENS dont quite have the cuteness of the Goslings  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Its damsel city down here Warren, I'm waiting for you to find white legged and Beautiful Demoiselle so I can make the annual visit. Not long now!

Warren Baker said...

Had those two species show up here in late May last year, but that was a late cold spring. Looking at the weather ahead, it looks quite cool and showery right through May, so they might be thin on the ground!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Always good to catch up with a Garden Warbler , sticks an' all .
I'm struggling with Odonata too .

Warren Baker said...

all the Odonata are at Westbere and reculver, see Marc Heaths site :-)