Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pulses of heavy rain swept through on a brisk SW wind today, keeping me indoors, very frustrating  :-(

Missing days out on my patch, due to the weather, is to be expected in the winter months, but to lose a May day is not! My May list is still 10 species behind last years end of month tally, and 12 species off the best May total, as for the year list, that's 7 species behind this date last year, so I dont want to many missed visits, saying that, this Saturdays weather looks pretty grim too  :-(

Most of the morning was spent cleaning my feeders and the ground beneath them, which gets in a right state after the Starlings have been through, they haven't been in too much today though as the young SPARROWHAWK was a frequent visitor as well!

I also took advantage of the spare time by cleaning my lenses and camera equipment and giving my bins a good clean, all ready for when summer does arrive  :-)

Hopefully a visit tomorrow will be on the cards, until then, here's a few images taken over the past couple of days.
Juvenile Starling
A pair of GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS are frequent visitors to the suet
They have hungry young to feed too
Broad Bodied Chaser
Hopefully a few nice adult males will be found in the next couple of weeks  :-)
Beautiful Demoiselle, more images of these will be appearing with any luck!
Azure Damsel, these will be joined by the other Blue Damsels very soon


Marc Heath said...

A frustrating day indeed, I did get a soaking on the bike tonight cycling home. Does not look much better for the weekend.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Cleaned my bins last week and realised I didn't need to fork out the besyt part of a couple of grand for a new pair....shoulda done it ages ago - what have I missed????