Saturday, 10 May 2014

A wet and very windy morning, and then an afternoon of family commitments prevented any sort of patch visit today.

I'l post up the images left in my ''blog folder'' to fill the gap! I took these yesterday.

There are 18 Juv. STARLINGS coming down to my garden feeders, good to see this diminishing species getting good numbers of young off.
There is plenty of action for the Camera.............
.......but not enough light to get a fast enough shutter speed to fully capture it
It Gives a flavour of the frantic activity at the garden feeders though :-)
The GREENFINCHES have to wait there turn patiently
 During my patch visit yesterday, I found the first Small Copper Butterflies of the year. They were in the weedier section of the Ashes Lane Field, which used to be the Tree Nursery, if the field remains uncut it could be promising for a few more butterfly species. Last year I had to wait until the 26th July to record this species, but that was an exceptionally late spring, the earliest Small Coppers found here were in 2011, that date being 2nd May.
Small Copper
Small Copper
Small Copper


Phil said...

Should get some better weather at the end of the week Warren.......allegedly!

Warren Baker said...

Yea I saw that, looks like a 3-4 day spell of better weather, before returning to the enduring Autumn!

Alan Pavey said...

Good to see a Greenfinch pic, it doesn't look like they've nested at the castle this year for the first time since I've been checking it :-(

Warren Baker said...

There are only a handful of pairs nesting here now, a sorry state :-(