Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The weather today was appalling, cool and rainy with a moderate wind for most of the day. Needless to say I didn't get out for long, and when I did, I got soaked from the bottom upwards by the wet vegetation and from the top downwards by the rain!

I visited the Greenhouse Grounds where I saw the male KESTREL up hunting and a LESSER BLACK BACK GULL flew over, but nothing was seen of the Whithroats, Blackcaps and Chiffchaff that are normally there, or the Little owl that perches on the Greenhouses, not surprising really!

I made the effort to check the lakes and found the MUTE SWANS and COOTS making the best of the weather, their respective young are still doing well though. Just one BLACKCAP, a GOLDCREST, a BLACKBIRD plus one CHIFFCHAFF were heard to briefly sing in the Scrubby Woods, but I didn't stay long.

In the Wet Woods the MANDARIN DUCK pair were seen with their Ducklings, which I only counted 6 out of the original ten, but it was pretty dark in there so I may of missed a couple. Not much else was notable today, very disappointing indeed for a May visit, I should be chasing Dragons and Butterflies at least! At least I have sorted out my Butterfly Gallery, and added a few more images, check it out on the tab under the header photo  ;-) Looking at the weather for the next few days I'll have time to sort the Dragonfly Gallery out too!

Obviously the camera stayed at home, all I have to offer photograph wise are these two images of the White-legged Damselflies.
White-legged Damselfly. Male

White-legged Damselfly. Immature


Marc Heath said...

What a crap day its been. I was going out birding but couldn't be bothered to get wet, maybe tomorrow I will venture out.

Warren Baker said...

Know how you felt, I just needed some fresh air and exorcise!

The Hairy Birder said...

Sometimes you just have to get out whatever the weather to avoid going stir crazy indoors!

Jason K said...

Cracking White-legged photos Warren! They haven't emerged as yet up here...but any day now I'm sure!