Monday, 2 June 2014

Early rain meant a later patch visit than normal, but the rain cleared and it felt quite warm, with no wind at all, especially in the fleetingly glimpses of sunshine that were to be had.

I spent some time sky watching at Migrant Alley first off, and was rewarded with a flyover CORMORANT (55) for the months list, they can be hard to pick up here in June. I also added SPARROWHAWK (56) to the months list, but a group of 5 distant small raptors, that if pushed to ID I would have said were a mix of Hobby, Kestrel and Peregrine, had to be disregarded, as they were far too distant to get a positive ID on, anyway they were off my patch! A pair of GREY HERONS flew low over, but aprt from a HERING GULL, a few SWIFTS and the local SWALLOWS that was about it. The LITTLE OWL and both the KESTREL pair were hunting behind me around the Greenhouse Grounds, where a closer inspection of the Kestrel nest box revealed at least 3 young very near to fledging, very good news!

I didn't pick up Long tailed Tit on yesterdays visit, and felt a search through the Scrubby Woods should pick one up, but much looking didn't turn any up, something to find tomorrow!  No more species were added to the years breeding list, I know there must be Collared Doves and Songthrush young out there somewhere, but I haven't seen them yet.

Very little was seen of any Dragonflies/Damselflies, or for that matter Butterflies, but whilst walking through the Ashes Lane Field I saw my first Painted Lady Butterfly for the year, the 15th Butterfly species to occur here so far this year :-)

Common Blue Butterfly - One of the few species that were on the wing today

Common Blue Butterfly - Female

Back at home, The GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS are bringing in their youngsters, I managed a few shots of the immature birds, the light was a bit rubbish though!

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Immature

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Immature

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Immature


Marc Heath said...

Some lovely shots despite the day today, not the sunniest here in east Kent. Like the Butterfly shots, nice detail.

Warren Baker said...

There was no wind today, perfect for butterfly photographs..........but there was little sunshine!

Pete Woodruff said...

....'a group of distant small raptors'....possibly Hobby, Kestrel, and Peregrine Falcon all together....WOW.

anthony miners said...

Great selection of images love the butterflies.