Saturday, 28 June 2014

The threat of thundery downpours was again present during this mornings patch visit, however, once again we got away with a mainly dry, but mostly cloudy morning here  :-)

 Chaffinch ( a welsh one!)

During the five hour walk I recorded 47 species, nothing new for the June list though, with the most likely candidates of Yellowhammer, Hobby, Turtle Dove and Peregrine all still avoiding my patch. There were no new species added to the 2014 ''successfully bred'' list either, with Songthrush and Collared Dove being the most obvious omissions.

Most of the resident birds here are now busy feeding fledglings however, with a few species bringing up second broods or maybe late ones. One of those species was the GOLDCREST two new families were found in the Wet Woods and Scrubby Woods.

Treecreeper ( again a welsh bird!)

BULLFINCH, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER, COAL TIT, JAY, STOCK DOVE, GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER were all seen in the Scrubby/Wet Woods, but there has been no sign of a Long Tailed Tit here since early June.

The lakes had 24 CANADA GEESE and 4 GREYLAG GEESE, all with mixed age young with them, just 3 MALLARDS were present, a scattering of MOORHENS, plus the MUTE SWAN and COOT families.

Flyover were few, but included GREY HERON, BLACK HEADED and HERRING GULL, BUZZARD and a few parties of SWIFTS. All four KESTREL young were seen around the Greenhouse Grounds, where at least 3 WHITETHROAT families have now fledged. A LITTLE OWL called from the adjacent Greenhouse Copse, but that was about it for today.

Ive set up another page with images of Pied Flycatchers that I took in Wales, you can click here to view them, or click on the tab labelled ''Pied Flycatchers'' that can be found under the header image. Here's couple to kick off with  :-)


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Shame those Pied Flys don't hang around down here , beautiful birds .

Warren Baker said...

Hi Greenie,
I did have one fleetingly on my patch once!

Marc Heath said...

Those male Pied Fly's are good lookers. A nice set.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Marc :-)

Phil said...

Super Flycatchers Warren. Would be nice to see one in Kent.

Warren Baker said...

I'm sure you'll find one at new hythe one of these Autumns :-)

Noushka said...

WOW, Warren!
These are gorgeous close-ups!
How do you manage THAT with the poor weather we are experiencing in western Europe?!!
Just brilliant!
Do you manage to see and close to dragonflies lately?
Enjoy your evening!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Nouska,
I had a bit of Luck with the weather!

Dragonflies are not easy to find locally, not much habitat for them I may need to go and visit somewhere more hospitable for them :-)