Sunday, 29 June 2014

The penultimate patch walk of June was a rather uninspiring affair, undertaken in overcast conditions with a cooling breeze blowing.

I started off with a skywatch at 06:30hrs from my seat at Migrant Alley, ever hopeful of adding Hobby or Peregrine to the months list, or maybe a flyover Yellowhammer, but they were not forthcoming, it's unusual not to see a Hobby here in June when in past years I have had multiple sightings, I had to make do instead with a pair of SPARROWHAWKS, a pair of BUZZARDS and the ever entertaining KESTREL family, one of which seems to have got itself inside one of the large Greenhouses, lets hope it can extract itself! Not much else flew over, just a flock of 4 HERRING GULLS, a few SWIFTS and a party of HOUSE MARTINS.

My next idea was to go over to the lakes and Scrubby Woods to see if I could find any newly fledged bird species to add to the 2014 breeding list, as well as maybe find the Turtle Dove that was here last month, but again I failed on both counts. On a slightly more positive note, I did find a decent sized feeding flock of BLUE TIT, GREAT TIT, COAL TIT and a last LONG TAILED TITS, most of the latter being immature birds.

Nothing much happening on the Lakes, a GREY HERON was fishing on the main lake, the MUTE SWAN and COOT families are faring well on the ornamental lake, where I saw plenty of damsels and Dragonflies, but all tantalizingly out of my reach, being on private land  :-(

That was about it for today..........I said it was an uninspiring visit! Maybe things will take a turn for the better for the last day of the month   :-)

Ive a few odds and sods images to post from Wales, next week i'll post a page for each of the Greywagtail, Siskin and Wheatear images I have yet to edit.......time permitting!

Stock Dove

Stock Dove, I don't get many images of these on my patch at all.

Stock Dove

I certainly dont get these on my patch.....Tree Pipit, well, I did once, just a flyover  :-)

No chance of one of these Dippers flyover though! I got a few record shots of these Wales specialities

They were always distant and in dark places !


Marc Heath said...

Love the first Dipper shot, a real nice effort in natural surroundings.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Dipper is still on my want list , nice one .