Friday, 27 June 2014

With heavy downpours forecast for mid morning onwards I was reticent to wander too far from home this morning, so I spent 3 hours sky watching over the fields of Migrant Alley, I then did a circuit of the sheep pasture and paddocks at Migrant Alley before walking the perimeter of the Ashes Lane Field, all are within a quick dash of home if necessary !

I was searching for my first Yellowhammer of the month, or maybe a Hobby, chasing the plentiful SWALLOWS over the sheep pasture, a sighting of one of the Peregrine pair that haven't been seen this month was also high on the wanted list, alas, none of above were added to the June tally :-(

I watched a few single HERRING GULLS fly over, and more unusually for June 8 BLACK HEADED GULLS, 4 singles and a group of 4. A GREY HERON went low over, but that was about it for passing species. Behind my sky watching seat, in the Greenhouse Grounds, I could here a new family of WRENS calling, as well as a new family of DUNNOCKS, the WHITETHROATS scolded as they carried food to their fledged young, a CHIFFCHAFF sang, as did a BLACKCAP very briefly.

The local BUZZARDS were up soaring, and a SPARROWHAWK got mobbed by a mixed flock of Swallows, HOUSE MARTINS and SWIFTS. The KESTREL family had spread themselves over the area, many sightings were had of them and they continually spooked the 30-40 STARLINGS that fed in the sheep pasture, the flock contained a few second broods of juvenile birds, that was good to see.

In the Ashes Lane Field, a flock of 30 - 35 GOLDFINCH fed amongst a large patch of thistles, a SKYLARK was up singing and 4 STOCK DOVES flew up from the mown grass. The sky started to get cloudier and the horizon looked dark so I headed off home, hoping to beat those heavy, thundery downpours that were apparently imminent.

Of course, once home, the clouds dissipated, the day became sunny and warm without a single drop of rain, I should have gone out again but I had started work on editing more of my photo's that I had taken in Wales, so I can at least put a few more of those up. I also noted a pair of BULLFINCH in my garden as I took a break from the keyboard, very nice species to see, the 30th to visit my little oasis this year  :-)

Bullfinch in my garden, how lucky am I  :-)

Not the best of shots, unfortunatley the light in my garden is always poor and coming from the wrong angle at this time of year, I really want them to visit in the winter.
Male Bullfinch, munching in the weedy borders  :-)

Ive edited a few more images from my Wales holiday, here's a few Meadow Pipits.


Anonymous said...

You've certainly had better weather than us Warren, it has been wet and drizzly all day up here in East Yorkshire :-)

I've really enjoyed all your Welsh pics so far, the Redstarts were fantastic as were the Golden-ringed Dragonflies :-)

Marc Heath said...

I would just settle for a garden Bullfinch, let alone a very nice shot like that.

Warren Baker said...

Beverly Birder,
There are plenty more wales pics to come!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

I so want bullys in the garden here!!!!!

Quality mipits too



Gravel Pit Birder said...

hello warren
excellent pics of meadow pipits....!
loved your sense of humour re the blood sucking

Warren Baker said...

I got bitten to pieces!